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  1. Tom S.

    Well your president traded

    For many years this site has provided a welcome respite from political talk. There are enough places on line to get that type of info and vent your feelings. It has no place here. Get you on over to Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Tom S.

    38mph Sears!

    ...and outrunning the cops!
  3. Tom S.

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    How many of us have piles of old car magazines laying around? I do. And now it's like money in the bank! Well, probably not, but this set of Road & Track from 1947 to present sold moments ago for $31,000. No Reserve: 1947–2022 Road & Track Library
  4. Tom S.

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    Sold today for $7,100.
  5. Tom S.


    Thank you for the birthday wishes!
  6. Tom S.

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    The motor is a 450 desmo.
  7. Tom S.

    New here saying hi what's everyone working on?

    Welcome. This is a great site.
  8. Tom S.

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    How about a Rupp Roadster? No Reserve: 1969 Rupp Roadster
  9. Tom S.

    MOP 1911 Gold Colt Grips given to me by my Dad.

    That's neat looking stuff.
  10. Tom S.

    Been vacant for a year point five ..

    Very nice! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for video.
  11. Tom S.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

    Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a question for my minibike friends across the country: Where you live, is it called dinner or supper?
  12. Tom S.

    Bonanza Chopper Orange

    Wowsers! She's a beauty!
  13. Tom S.

    Florida Destruction

    Oh, I've got to see this! I hope it's at my local library. Gummo
  14. Tom S.

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    Sold - $25,500! Holy cow!
  15. Tom S.

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    Fimco is on its way to Iowa and a new home.
  16. Tom S.

    Post your cars!

    Nice! I do like MGBs.
  17. Tom S.

    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    Here's one to watch. The auction just began today and it's already at $4,500. No Reserve: 1986 Honda Z50RD Christmas Special
  18. Tom S.

    RIP Robert Fragoman

    I am sorry to hear this. RIP and godspeed.
  19. Tom S.


    I have had god luck with Salt Lake Chrome Plating in Utah. I have sent parts to them from Oregon a few times for my motorcycle projects. The price has always been very fair, communication has been good, fast turnaround, and they haven't lost any of the small parts that I have sent to them. They...