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    changing intake valve seat angle from 46º to 31º on intake worth a try??

    Wow... food for thot / following along...
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    Happy Late Birthday Cheezy1!
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    Been catching up on my R/C Aircraft projects & flying ,, this season.

    134 MPH ...Holy Poop Batman that's plum crazy looking I WANT ONE or two of???? lol No time at this point of life, can't even search out mini-bikes let alone wrench on one! The time will come tho, just not anytime soon!
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    Wow the magnitude of knowledge here is incomprehensible Thank You all for allowing me to be part of this wonderful community I am truly honored to help support this site! :)
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    Brand new 224 predator with aluminum fly wheel only reaches 20??

    Was told yrs ago: "Speed is equal to how many Hundred Dollar Bills you can compress"
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    H50 motorsports….that coulda been bad!!!!

    Wow, Great Save Markus!
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    Mickey Thompson Mini Dragster

    Me too... :confused:
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    Been catching up on my R/C Aircraft projects & flying ,, this season.

    My Bad Bonneville Salt Flats!!! :D:cool: (Not that far from here either :)) Now Off to U-tube ...
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    1962 2hp with some odd insulation.

    Look @ the head on that one willya! :D
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    mini gote rim

    YEEEAAHH Tell me bout that one...:mad:
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    Mickey Thompson Mini Dragster

    WOW! BadA$$!!!
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    Some great info here Gabriel...
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    Fox Campus Rolling Chassis - Instead of Parting out as Listed Originally

    Sure, another Kazillion miles away.... oooh wait, Still! :confused:
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    Do we have double posts here with the same bike issues, Or am I missing something here?
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    To all you Irish…

    Well I'll be it is the Day of the Irish! Green Brew for all! Happy St. Patrick's Day Folks! :D
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    Heathkit Boonie for sale

    Of coarse a Kazillion miles away...