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  1. Vintabilly_NS

    DB30 Stock Clutch Retaining Bolt: 5/16-24 y/n?

    Hey Doc, thank you...but.. ANSWER: The stock DB30 97cc 2.8hp 16mm clutch retaining bolt is an M8 x (about) 30mm. I took the first M8 bolt, lock washer and washer from my trusty $5 bolt/nut kit from Princess Auto (our Northern Tool). Voila. ~Rex.
  2. Vintabilly_NS

    DB30 Stock Clutch Retaining Bolt: 5/16-24 y/n?

    Hi everyone; I'm trying to find out the size of the bolt to keep the stock clutch on the shaft of a stock 2.8hp 97cc Doodlebug. My lad lost his in the grass when his dad didn't threadlock it in place. ;) Is it a 5/16"-24 x 3/4" bolt plus the washer and lock washer as OldMiniBikes suggests...
  3. Vintabilly_NS

    Bigger tires on Doodlebug?? Please help!

    In the referenced thread cudaman said this: "This is why I went with the 15-5-6...slightly narrower, but plenty of clearance even with a larger aftermarket hyd caliper." So you're good to go.
  4. Vintabilly_NS

    Bigger tires on Doodlebug?? Please help!

    lol, I'm 230 or so and the doodle+jackshaft make up for a lot. Try this thread for a bunch of tire suggestions plus how to get around the caliper clearance (grinder): DB30 Tire thread The old ones when smooth can hold a pavement corner pretty good. :D
  5. Vintabilly_NS

    Motovox MBX11 front suspension on a Doodlebug

    Woot! The front end is my only "complaint" on the doodle and I always felt petty for thinking even that. :P Can't wait to try we've got some serious forest cruising to do. :)
  6. Vintabilly_NS

    New tires

    Try this: and Short Answer: A 15x6x6 will fit and give a bit extra clearance. Some people say that the caliper will rub but the...
  7. Vintabilly_NS

    hi there bigrob; just noticed that you were here in NS. I'm in Lower Sackville myself. You're...

    hi there bigrob; just noticed that you were here in NS. I'm in Lower Sackville myself. You're into some cool stuff also. Ever do FPV? Flying an RC plane through a screen and live video link. Big ups. :)
  8. Vintabilly_NS

    DB 30 Tires

    :grind: ok, another contender. Nova Scotia is a combo of bedrock, bush scrub and greasy slimy sedimentary mud. This looks right with the big clearing lugs. Rough for road work though. 15 x 5 x 6 X-Trac Snowblower Tire Part #: 8-12765-H2 $39.99 8-12765-H2 - 15 x 5 x 6 X-Trac Snowblower...
  9. Vintabilly_NS

    DoodleBug Performance Jackshaft

    ok, I received and installed my JackShaft kit. The quality surprised me and it went on in 10 minutes flat. Adjusting the chains another 5. I now have a bike that can carry my 220lb carcass around some pretty impressive rocks, dirt, logging trails, etc etc etc etc.. Wow! Worth every penny...
  10. Vintabilly_NS

    DB 30 Tires

    Exactly! Around here it's 100% greasy clay with no actual soil to speak of. Your boots go to a size 22 with the mud packed on. OK OK Snow Hogs it is! lol
  11. Vintabilly_NS

    DoodleBug Performance Jackshaft

    I didn't even know such a thing was available! Awesome-sauce! My stock DB30 doesn't even carry my 5 year old unless he's riding downhill.
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    and THESE are my new tires. Thank you kindly for the awesome off-road suggestion. :) :thumbsup:
  13. Vintabilly_NS

    DB 30 Tires

    Thank you for the tip. My stockers seem to slip on any corners with those big open smooth spots. Real knobbies for this "kid".
  14. Vintabilly_NS

    Craigslist Doodlebug/Rivet/Dirtbug/Viper finds

    Insanity everywhere. :) Around here the average DB30 goes for 200-300 busck each. They hold value since there isn't usually many around. I found mine because a Military Police officer suggested this particular bike be sold asap. :)