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  1. jandj

    WTB Rupp Turbine rear

    5" live axle kart wheel.
  2. jandj

    WTB Rupp Turbine rear

    Outer can be ugly as long as inner is good. A friend also needs 1 if a pair are available.
  3. jandj

    Rupp Kart

    Robert is still in business. Price will depend on how complete you want the kart and what options. I am getting stuff from him for my Superdart restore. I'd wait until after the first of the year to call. If you don't get through the first time, be patient - he's a one man operation in addition...
  4. jandj

    Finished Restoration of my 1959 Nash Metropolitan

    My Dad had one when I was a kid and a friend had one during High School. Fun little cars, you can cram more people in one than you'd think!
  5. jandj

    Need an outer Manco half....

    ...5" rim, live axle. Anyone got one?
  6. jandj

    VINTAGE Racing Go Karts

    I'm in the same boat, but from exhaustive looking I can tell you that's a fair price for a new-made set of Rupp pads. It'll cost that much (or damn close to it) to have a shop make you a set and with Rob's you know they'll fit. Every now and then a set of used ones will pop up but they still go...
  7. jandj

    Manco 5" keyed wheels

    I know they're rare, but I'm fixin' my Dart Kart to be a goer not a shower and as I have a good set of Manco wheels to use for the front I'd like to run 'em on the the back as well. Got to be cheaper than Rupp turbines.... i've seen 'em here once in awhile, anyone got a pair?
  8. jandj

    RobRon Super Dart

    (I know I'm reviving an old thread but my pm to Furyus bounced (mailbox full) so I'm posting this here hoping it'll get through.) I recently saved a Super Dart identical to the red one you posted pics of from the rust heap. It needs a total rebuild and is going to take some time but the...
  9. jandj

    Took her to the track today....

    Keeping my feet on the pedals isn't as much of a problem as keeping my skinny ass in the seat!
  10. jandj

    Took her to the track today....

    First kart on the track this year (1/10 mile dirt backyard oval), track hasn't been cut or graded yet so it was a bit rough where there was still some grass on the straights but the kart ran good. Found out a couple things: Need a seat that does a better job of keeping me from sliding forward...
  11. jandj

    The Lo-Buck Special comes together

    Wheelbase is 41", gets a little "darty" at speed.Talking w/an OldMiniBikes member about an upgrade on brakes, Lo-Buck v4.0 may be coming up.....
  12. jandj

    The Lo-Buck Special comes together

    The last pic was taken today, I tagged it to the original thread to show how the Kart has evolved from the time I started the project.
  13. jandj

    The Lo-Buck Special comes together

    Lo Buck update: The Grandkids parents split, mama and kids are now several states away. As a result the Lo Buck Special has taken on a second life as Grandpa's Playtoy. Governor out, flywheel and rod replaced, header/air filter swapped along with stronger springs, a pulse pump, remote tank and...
  14. jandj

    The Lo-Buck Special comes together

    4" up front, 5" on the rear, stock Manco rims.
  15. jandj

    Contact They have Manco wheels & spacers and can hook you up with what...

    Contact They have Manco wheels & spacers and can hook you up with what you need, they're good folks. It won't cost you anymore than finding it all yourself, old Manco stuff is getting hard to find -especially at a reasonable price.
  16. jandj

    Contact, that's where I got mine. They also have Manco wheels if you...

    Contact, that's where I got mine. They also have Manco wheels if you need any. Here's a link to the store:Go-Karts of Texas, Discount Go-Karts
  17. jandj

    Briggs tank& carb, live axle

    Need to sell some stuff so I can buy more stuff. 5 HP Gas tank (Engine Model 130202) I bought off evilbay but don't need. Clean inside. Pulsa-Jet carb has been disassembled, cleaned & put back. New fuel diaphragm & gaskets. Ran good. Raptor throttle link in pic doesn't come w/it, stock arm back...
  18. jandj

    Yet anpther exhaust question

    So if I have to fab one, anyone got a recommendation as to which muffler to use?
  19. jandj

    Yet anpther exhaust question

    Going with remote fuel tank, need to replace stock muffler for added clearance on the pulse line. Majority of Kart use will be done in reasonable proximity to civilization so I need as quiet as possible, realizing it'll be louder than what I've got now. Other than replacing the air filter and...
  20. jandj

    HF Clone pulse fitting question

    There's a visible difference, so it's standard. No need to for the precision fit of a RCH. :wink: