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    224 studders

    my new 224 has a 22mm mikuni and when i give it full throttle it studders at higher speeds. any suggestions. i thought it might be my fuel line routing. but idles fine
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    224 governer removal

    is it ok to leave the governer gear in the engine if u remove all the other stuff. will it effect performance
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    left hand pull start engine

    i plan on fixing it up. just making sure i have a another engine plan in case
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    left hand pull start engine

    sorro for the weird sounding title. but i dont know how to word it. so im looking for a 3hp engine where the recoil is on your left side and shaft on the right. i have a vintage mini bike whre the chain and sprocket on right. any suggestions if there are any
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    sears fenders

    like this
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    sears fenders

    looking for fenders for my sear fat tire
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    sears fat tire forks

    what is the best way to take apart the forks to clean them
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    roper gas tank

    looking for a sears roper gas tank
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    green streak chain tensioner

    i just got my grean streak running and it needs a chain tensioner. what did the come with for a chain tensioner any pics would be great
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    van go kart info

    i took a break from that part of the van. getting back at it soon. having a friend help me build a custom kart for it
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    van go kart info

    What size wheels came with this cart. i. building a custom cart for it and want it look stock
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    tote gote 665 forks

    looking for a straight set of 665 forks. mine and beyond fixing. message me if u have a set
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    "Before and After" pics

    u always gotta be checking fb marketplace and offer up and craiglist. morning noon and night
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    custom decal printing

    he couldnt do them
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    honda gx 240 issues

    i got a gx240 that runs and idles great when its choked. but once u take it off choke it runs for 10 secs and dies. but when u try and ride it with the choke off. its just pops and backfires. when dies its abropt and fast. im gonna clean the carb later. and change the spark plug. any...
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    custom decal printing

    i have some decals i need printed for my van go kart im restoring. i have the files i just need them printed. some of them are in a chrome with black. please help
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    "Before and After" pics

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    mtd trailflite rear fender

    looking for a mtd trailflite rear fender. like the 1 in the pic
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    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    golden pinto with a bonanza chopper sissy bar and 3hp briggs