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    Briggs High RPM Poor Boy Special

    a year later. it ripped the key out of the crankshaft. violent power impulses. couldn't get up to speed. too rough.
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    Briggs High RPM Poor Boy Special

    Sorry, I missed the flywheel pictures.
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    Die Grinder

    This lube clap is a real antique. For servicing leather wrapped leaf springs.
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    Briggs High RPM Poor Boy Special

    Magneto points work if they're clean. That paint job on the block............ is nearly 30 years old.
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    Brake ID.......7 years later :)

    Hope Tom gets his Tig'r fixed. these were kit bikes and required a fair amount of fabrication. Here's some fresh Pics of the Gilliom
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    Briggs High RPM Poor Boy Special

    Recently acquired an aluminum flywheel for the Gilliom. Cast iron to die cast saved weight. What does that change accomplish ?
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    Brake ID.......7 years later :)

    There is no problem and the clamps work perfect. The brake force from the shoe in directed downward through the rubber pads. That thing has rubber cushioned brakes. The peddle force goes through the wheel bearing and frame. The clamps really don't do much. Now if you stabbed the brakes in...
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    Briggs High RPM Poor Boy Special

    The cylinder above started like this. That cylinder has been together for nearly 30 years in running condition, and was exercised several times annually. Note the bevel at the top of the bore, next to the valves.
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    Briggs High RPM Poor Boy Special

    An older thread augmented with additional documentation
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    Brake ID.......7 years later :)

    Glad I could help. Yes indeed, your brake parts are Gilliom.
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    briggs 3.5 exhaust length?

    Kind of like this
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    The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

    Vintage 1968 Gilliom Tig'r Bike
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    Barn Find Identification Request : what is it?

    Your PZ is max rated at like 100cc. That Briggs could approach nearly 125 cc plus. You might be leaving some power on the table. Rhovis would try a polished out pulse-a-jet.
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    Comment by 'Rhovis' in media 'Gilliom 1968'

    Ya mean something like this ?
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    5hp i/c stock piston limit?

    Your stock piston is fine.
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    Need to re-bore a sprocket

    If you have a way to lay out the bolt hole pattern give it a go. A drill press would help getting the hole thru and square. Indexing of the pattern is mute. If you can pilot one sprocket on top of the other accurately, use the original sprocket as a template and transfer the hole location.
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    Need to re-bore a sprocket

    You don't need CNC equipment to do this kind of work. It's simple work for a boring bar in an open set-up in a mill. The Rhovis could be mistaken but the bolt hole pattern probably establishes location of the sprocket while the bore is simply clearance. 75 on 12 tooth is indeed 6.25 to one...
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    Question... running only one compression ring in a flathead

    Here's a few points for you to consider: Besides sealing the combustion chamber, the rings also act as a heat path to cool the piston. Granted the skirt and oil splish also cool the piston but the ring is no small player The second ring also seals the blow-by that gets past the top ring so...
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    Briggs High RPM Poor Boy Special

    The Rhovis is pleased.