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  1. Txpowdercoater

    Boat trailer failed. Wheels came off.

    damn! blew that day to smithereens
  2. Txpowdercoater

    Carter SuperWheels who knows squat about this?

    I was given this today as a birthday gift from a bud. He found it at a garage sale and I can find info online about Carter brothers, but cant find squat about this little critter. it has a sticker on rear axle that says carter bros and model #1802-3215 Anybody know when it was made?
  3. Txpowdercoater

    HOLY CRAP!!!! 61 Rupp Dart Kart

    cool, what ya gonna do with it?
  4. Txpowdercoater

    What fuel do you use?

    I get 110 blue fuel for 6.50 gallon, plenty clean, ethanol free and smells nice too
  5. Txpowdercoater

    Drill Bit Sharpening

    I have the bigger drill doctor, it even took some time to master, I went for a long time hit and miss with it, now i think I have it down, I think. Its been plenty durable for the 5+ years I've owned it.
  6. Txpowdercoater

    To Paint or Powder Coat the frame?!

    powder is a tad cheaper than paint and far more durable. have you priced quality paint lately and everything that is needed? I would powder that frame for 125. in a single stage color, candies or flakes cost a smidge more. Conroe PowderCoating
  7. Txpowdercoater's what I did!

    very nicely done! looks crisp!
  8. Txpowdercoater

    my $84. chicken coop find.

    depends if you gear it downa smidge, it does indeed want to wheelie. and the front axle I made by cutting the shape out of 3/8" plate with a plasma then drilled it on my mil and then capped top and bottom with 1/2" x 1"8 flat bar to mimic an I beam axle.
  9. Txpowdercoater

    budget micro kart build

    nice! looks fun. gotta make a video of it blasting around.
  10. Txpowdercoater

    my $84. chicken coop find.

    hahaha yup. bought a new wheelbarrow and went to cutting and welding.
  11. Txpowdercoater

    Mini Rokon - A 2x2 Azusa Build

    damn, thats an awesome build, any updates?
  12. Txpowdercoater

    my $84. chicken coop find.

    ^ thanks so much!
  13. Txpowdercoater

    my $84. chicken coop find.

    ^^ this is an 18 hp and it has been revved and wound out to the point where I know its gonna window the block, but nope, its still strong and happy, has been a very tough motor indeed.
  14. Txpowdercoater

    Funny Car bodies....who has some? post em up

    I buy em up every chance i see one. they do make awesome garage art, but take up a lot of room.
  15. Txpowdercoater

    my $84. chicken coop find.

    I have a 60's gasser build in mind with jr dragster slicks on the back and skinnys up front, chrome straight axle, wicked paint job, letter it up and toss a predator motor and tool it around the shows. I also have a 50's styled fuel altered I built that would look good displayed with it.
  16. Txpowdercoater

    my $84. chicken coop find.

    Thanks! I have been busy, then some small med issues, been working on my 48 willys and still playing with my minis and always buying up car bodies when i come across 'em.
  17. Txpowdercoater

    radio flyer go kart project, thoughts so far?

    damn, wish I had that frame
  18. Txpowdercoater

    Funny Car bodies....who has some? post em up

    I have a Kenny Bernstein Budweiser King and I just got a Pepsi Prudhomme body This is a photo found on google this is the only photo I have of the pepsi one I bought. Ive known the seller a long time and never knew he had this in storage
  19. Txpowdercoater

    my $84. chicken coop find.

    I found this in a chicken coop in Waller Tx. Its a Manco body
  20. Txpowdercoater

    Powerland 420cc mods.............

    very cool, keep on with the updates, maybe a launch video