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  1. Le Plat

    Kikker questions

    Random bump. Still eyeing up,the 250cc
  2. Le Plat

    how fast can everyones mini bike go??

    My toyoko when my carbs doin good will run in the mid 30s. Fun. My buddys lil indian which we stuck a 5hp on it will do only 20 but its a tiny frame, no shocks and gobs of torque. Already will chuck his 300lb butt off from a dead stand still. no faster needed.
  3. Le Plat

    Carb for 3.5 tec side pooper

    Ok im pissed off at mine. Need a carb that uses remote tank and will hook right up to tec. If possible a fuel filter too unless someone can point me twords one. Wouldnt mind something to boost alittle power. 3.5hp aint enough. Lol. Let me know. Im rarely on anymore so I might take a bit to check...
  4. Le Plat

    It's all about the back fire...

    My gift to you. Every pop was throwing flames but not all show on the vid in broad daylight. ‪Briggs Breaths Fire‬‏ - YouTube Hope it works. Sadly this engine is having valve issues we need to fix
  5. Le Plat

    TOYOCO minibike

    looks good. too bad i dont really need any parts for mine. i have the exact same mini.
  6. Le Plat

    Post a Pic of Yourself

    My hand is in my avatar if u look closly. Best ya gonna get. If u do alittle work u can find another forum with the enclosure that the animal in my avatar lives in and it has pics of me.
  7. Le Plat

    Reputable Clone Engine Builders? 20+HP Pump Gas Build... i was thinking about this one of his^ And its a pull startable, real honda on pump gas
  8. Le Plat

    Reputable Clone Engine Builders? 20+HP Pump Gas Build...

    i believe someone on here was selling a modded clone with 19.4hp for 900 if i remember correctly
  9. Le Plat

    Project Thunderdrome

    if that takes a beating and still looks good, thanks for the tip. mine and my buddys will be white walled very soon
  10. Le Plat

    Kikker questions

    im 5' 8" 190. no im not fat :) they dont make the 110cc anymore from my understanding. the 250cc twin makes an impressive 18hp and the one company that makes them sells a 28 tooth rear for it. i dont think it would be a slug but thats why im wondering if anyone makes performance parts for them...
  11. Le Plat

    Latest Flathead Project.......

    :thumbsup: throw a header on that bad boy and wrap it!! i gotta show my buddy this, his lil indian deserves one like this:hammer:
  12. Le Plat

    Kikker questions

    Nope. I did just find the 250cc vtwin and priced that. for what i want it would cost me 3k base plus 300 bucks or so. Not too bad. specs from the twin 250cc 5-speed V-twin Engine Foot Clutch with Suicide Shifter Fat Style 16 inch front and rear tires New Front end with Conventional Forks...
  13. Le Plat

    Kikker questions

    Iv been thinking about getting a kikker. i luv them, luv the suicide shift, luv the price(well kinda) but hate the lack of power. Any performance parts out there for these?? I dunno, 3k for a bike that cant get highway speeds just drives me away from them.
  14. Le Plat

    want to build up a 5hp briggs..

    with flattys that doesnt happen. you can get small gains but not huge amounts for cheap.
  15. Le Plat

    whats the chances? (6.5 boxstock monster)

    This! If so careful not,to get on the throttle too long
  16. Le Plat

    Latest Flathead Project.......

    very nice!!
  17. Le Plat

    modding briggs ohv 800 series, help?

    did it back fire only when reving or when u let of the gas??
  18. Le Plat

    Modifying my 6.5 Clone

    Hey I'm agreeing with you!! Just sayibg it would help him with his goal
  19. Le Plat

    Clone height

    Thanks hommie!! phone sucks to use.
  20. Le Plat

    Clone height

    Anyone know the demensions of a clone? My phone is a nightmare to use sry.