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    Baja Warrior lighting coil wiring help please.

    Hey all, it's been awhile! I took the lighting coils off an older clone, and put them on a predator 212. I also swapped out the flywheel from the same engine. I took the two wires from the coils and plugged them into the connectors for the headlight. When I hit the headlight switch, the light...

    I'm guessing you're still alive? Hope all is well.

    I'm guessing you're still alive? Hope all is well.

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    He did apologize. I was going to leave it pretty much at that. But you brought me back in. Unfortunately, when whomever was responsible for the change to xenfro did so, they made changes so that a person can't edit a title or a post. After my initial outrage, things have settled, but I can't...

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    Indeed. Just note, I tried to purchase here FIRST.

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    Ok, sure, Everyone makes mistakes. So....Wrong info entered on the weight or size of the tires, ok, it still cost them a sale. Care to explain the chain tensioner (also not in stock) at $26.74, and probably less than 1/4 pound raising the shipping price by $33.00? I try to stay away from the big...

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    Whatever that problem is, if it is indeed a problem, it cost them a sale. I mean I've been wrong before, and possibly my dealer slipped something into my crack cocaine, but I doubt it, but I'm not taking the time to call them on the phone to ask WTF is up with anything I wish to order from...

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    If it is a mistake, it's an awfully large one. Those were screen shots from the sites, nothing more. So from what I witnessed, I could buy 2 tires from OldMiniBikes or almost 6 from Walmart. I realize that OldMiniBikes is hardly anything like walmart, but c'mon... So to be fair I tried it again. I forgot to...

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    yeah. Tried to buy a seat. Out of stock. Tires: Walmart Seat: Monster scooter parts. This was just a let down all the way around.

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    Then they're doing it wrong!!!! I've bought tires here before. Never was asked to pay so much. Anyways....done.
  10. BBQJOE

    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    Screw you guys! OldMiniBikes 2 Baja tires $148. $139 shipping For two Farkin' tires, are you shltting me? Walmart: Same 2 tires $105.67 Shipping? FREE!!!!! Talk about hungry. Glad I didn't want two day, or heaven forbid overnight from OldMiniBikes. Thieving bastards! Walmart
  11. BBQJOE

    Guest appearance

    Charles messaged me, and reminded me how lax I've been in posting. Obviously I'm still alive. Still love my Baja's (3) and they all get ridden almost daily. Much has gone on in life, too much to go on about, but currently I am in the process of building an addition to my home. It will most...
  12. BBQJOE

    Another Torque Converter Question

    You might need a new belt. You might need new weights. You might just need a new torque converter. Does your bathroom scale call 911 when you step on it?
  13. BBQJOE

    Warrior Front Forks

    That's kinda what I figured. It would be an easy enough fix by finding a bolt with the same threads, but a wider shoulder, and drilling out the front hole to match, and a little filing on the shock detent. Of course the forks probably wouldn't fall out if you kids would quit trying to jump the...
  14. BBQJOE

    Monster moto 212 torque converter exploded

    I'd insist on a new one immediately. Work your way up the food chain until you find someone who cares.
  15. BBQJOE

    Go powersports idiots

    I hope you typed diygokarts in the coupon code area for the 10% off. :)
  16. BBQJOE

    Warrior Front Forks

    I'm just curious what fails on these forks? Is it the the forks coming out of the frame because of the bolts, or is it the shocks falling apart and separating or what?
  17. BBQJOE

    19x7.0-8 tire

    Put some more air in them then. The OEM is rated up to about 24 psi. Not that I'd ever do that, But, I'll watch you.:smile:
  18. BBQJOE

    BBQJoe's Baja fork suspension mod

    Make sure to let us know the secret to those golly gosh darn things! I'm still happy with the spring set up so far.
  19. BBQJOE

    Mini Baja MB165 clutch cover Wanted

    That's robbery. ^^^ Might as well spend a buck or two extra, and get the real deal...