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    Plug for Isky

    Ok - in the past I couldn’t post from my iPhone. I also see the BMJ was difficult to get your hands on. I emailed Tim and he got right back to me saying it was about to become available on SEC. Thought I’d pass the word along. I’m wondering if they are swamped with orders? Sent from my iPhone...
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    Plug for Isky

    Let’s see if this works Sent from my iPhone using OldMiniBikes
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    Plug for Isky

    Black Mamba Jr for 212 Hemi just became available on Small Engine Cams. I ordered one and am now curious about the rest of the valve train. Looking for midrange on a Hemi Stage 2+ transplant for my Coleman. Definitely not high RPM. Thinking stiffer springs may be all thats needed for the valve...
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    Song Title Game

    What I Heard, Blondie
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    Preditor 212

    OK - thank you! I see OldMiniBikes has the Kohler flywheel 17 025 30-S which I think will fit the Predator Hemi crank (?) Also think the Hisun 196 lighting coils will work with it on the Hemi (?) Am wondering about ignition timing - I think the Kohler flywheel on the Hemi engine would need an offset key...
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    Preditor 212

    I'm going to do a Predator Hemi swap on my CT200U-EX and would like to use the lighting coils and flywheel from the Hisun 196. I've read the coils are a bolt on swap but the flywheel has a different taper. I'm wondering if a GX200 clone crank would fit the Predator and allow the flywheel swap...
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    Wiring issues

    Check the cable clamp at the carb. Mine was loose - if it's from TSC they did a pretty poor job of putting them together.
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    Comet vs Clone

    Does it make sense to spend the extra $$$ for a genuine Comet TAV2 instead of a clone? Do they work better? Are they more durable? Are there more repair parts and springs available? Thanks for your opinions.