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    1971 - 72 Scat Cat Sassy ( Proverbial Barn Find )

    I would try to use the original if possible but you could find an intake and carb on eBay if needed.
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    1971 - 72 Scat Cat Sassy ( Proverbial Barn Find )

    Very cool bike, that seat works well on it! What are your plans for a carb?
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    Idle screw PLEASE HELP!

    No that is the carburetor idle screw. Up on the handle bars there should be an adjuster where the throttle cable screws into the throttle assembly. Most machines have them, maybe not all. Hope this helps.
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    Idle screw PLEASE HELP!

    There should be an adjuster for the throttle cable in the throttle assembly, turn the adjuster inwards which will loosen any tension on the cable and allow for more adjustment with the idle screw on the carb. Also make sure your choke is off.
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    Idle/Air screw setting

    Im not familiar with your engine specifically, but the idle speed is not typically counted in turns out, the air screw is counted in turns. I think your idle is simply set too low. Try 1or 1.5 turns on the air mixture screw and raise the idle. The engine must be hot in order to set the air...
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    Mikuni carb on 212 Predator

    TIllotson 212 or Predator? I had a Tillotson with a 20mm Mikuni 180 main jet, 22.5 pilot jet (stock jetting) and the kart was an animal. The jets are slightly different between vm20 and vm22 so I don't know how relevant this info is, plus the Tillotson was a 10 horse. I would double check for...
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    Where to buy rims,tires and sprockets??

    Ebay, old minibike warehouse, GoKartsupply, maybe even Amazon.
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    Seat Upholsterer

    ya it depends on how far gone it is, as noted above... but it worked for me on an Arctic Cat seat. I wouldn't mention had it not worked.
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    Seat Upholsterer

    ya depends on how far gone the vinyl is for sure. But I've used basic Johnsons baby oil or off the shelf leather/vinyl conditioner from auto parts stores. just apply which ever one to the seat and leave, don't wipe it off for a few days or even a week. You can also do this a few times.
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    Seat Upholsterer

    The vinyl can be rejuvenated if you're interested in that. Baby oil or vinyl/leather conditioner work great. Just let it soak in for days or even weeks and should become plush again.
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    Sachs Saxonette crank seal Arctic Cat

    looking for crank seals for Saxonette 2 speed automatic but can't find a good source.
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    Is Blackwidow Motorsports a good site?

    Very good company to buy parts from.
  13. Kawasaki Coyote

    Kawasaki Coyote

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    IN NEED OF 6 inch Arctic Cat wheels

    need a 6 inch Arctic Cat mini bike front wheel. Thanks.
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    Briggs 2.5 HP Engines

    The low hp motors are tough. The 5hp engines have more aftermarket support, such as thin head gaskets which give you more compression. I don't think anyone makes those for the 2hp motors.
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    Briggs 2.5 HP Engines

    I think some Lil Indians came with a 2.5 Briggs in the 60s.
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    So what’s everyone using for oil ?

    You want to use 10w30 small engine oil. Don't over-complicate it.
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    Rupp manufacture date

    71 serial # but later motor and custom paint scheme.
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    Wanted - Kawasaki Coyote mini bike 8 inch rear wheel

    Looking for a rear wheel for Kawasaki coyote. Thanks.
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    Little help over here please.

    From what I gather you are either leaking gas out of the tank, petcock, or fuel line (check clamps). Or if the oil is over-filled you could force it out of the head gasket or crank breather. About 2/3 of a quart is all you need. Not sure what your carb issue is, but recommend watching carb...