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    5hp briggs problems

    found out had spring keeping governor lever stuck up just unhooked it, starts better now! always something simple and u thing its worst!
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    Comment by 'fairweasel2323' in media 'Lil Indian rust ball'

    got one just like it getting ready to restore
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    any ideas? briggs

    im getting good spark but i guess thats what im running a solid state coil i had to buy it special cause all my parts coils were for B&S with points!
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    Comment by 'fairweasel2323' in media 'Photo_101006_0031'

    thanks I have done some looking and looks to be a Lil Indian to me too! soon will have put together just got a motor for it still deciding on a 3.5hp or 5hp Briggs motor
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    Comment by 'fairweasel2323' in media 'my custom mini bike'

    this is the motor that I have such a hard time starting as i stated in the B&S general motor talk forum. I have to fully choke it and hold throttle wide open and its still hard to start! This is my first motor that doesnt have points and condenser but still getting good spark and carb is...
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    Brand Spankin New clone is hard to start.

    B&S Motor hard starting I have same issue i Have a newer B&S that doesn't have points and condenser I have to full choke it and open throttle all the way to get to start once its warm start first pull! The carb came off a older B&S that has points but its a great carb all linkage is good so i...
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    Jr. Dragster Engines

    jr dragster my buddys got a whole jr dragster for sale gots the B&S Blockzilla tons of cool parts would be a fast little dragster ill get some pics up on here didnt know u all was in too jrs too!
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    OldMiniBikes User Map - ADD YOURSELF!!!!!

    let it add me this time im on the map:thumbsup:
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    OldMiniBikes User Map - ADD YOURSELF!!!!!

    webpage not available wont let me add myself to map but marion, ohios where i reside at
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    any ideas? briggs

    i have a 5hp briggs thats hard to start its a newer motor without points is the flywheel gapped any different then one with points cause im having hard starting issuses iv tried different plugs the carb runs fine on the older 5hp motor that has points that it came off of but i have to choke it...
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    Briggs 5 hp flywheel

    there is a special tool but ill just use a hammer tap it loose counter clockwise
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    5hp briggs problems

    on my chopper mini bike i just took off the 3.5 horse briggs and upgraded to a 5hp its a newer 5hp motor that dosent have any points in it(under the flywheel got the flywheel set the same as other 5hp b&s on my speedway that has points) i have to open the choke and open her all the way open to...
  13. my chopper

    my chopper

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    Comment by 'fairweasel2323' in media 'Photo_081806_0031'

    has the fender on this picture
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    Comment by 'fairweasel2323' in media 'Old Speedway'

    if the owner of this speedway wants to sell it msg me a private msg
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    Comment by 'fairweasel2323' in media 'Red Baron'

    beatiful bike love how u restored ur tank
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    hey how can i view ur photos

    hey how can i view ur photos
  18. Photo_101006_0031


    same with this one bought at junkyard in the 70's not sure what make and model it is
  19. Photo_101306_0021


    any one know what model this looks like my dad bought frame at junkyard in the 70's and put different front end on it to chop it out a little