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  1. TheDullCarbide

    Need your advice ASAP on broken TC driven pulley

    Sometimes I have a problem where the trailing edge buttons fall out of the pulley at high speeds. I always put a very light dab of high temp silicone on them to convince them not to leave the party early.
  2. TheDullCarbide

    Need your advice ASAP on broken TC driven pulley

    As long as the other two buttons on the trailing edge are still good you should be okay. The reason they are there is when you are coasting, the pulley will rotate backward and if the spring can't hold the backtorque, the buttons on the backside of the pulley will limit the amount the pulley can...
  3. TheDullCarbide

    Stage 1 kit for lifan 212

    To add a noticeable amount of top-end rpm, you need to mess around with the weights and springs in the driver unit. Changing the Driven spring position WILL affect your rpm a little, but it mostly changes the belt tension.
  4. TheDullCarbide

    Stage 1 kit for lifan 212

    What are you trying to do with the bike? Do you want 5000rpm or do you just want to go faster?
  5. TheDullCarbide

    The Best Guitarist You've (probably) Never Heard Of!

    I'm so glad I finally found this version on Youtube. I have it on CD in my shop but I could never find the full 12 minute version online. Definitely in my top 5.
  6. TheDullCarbide

    HF Predator Engine Adjustable High Speed Needle Assembly

    This? Pretty pricey for what it is.
  7. TheDullCarbide

    predator 212 hemi vs non-hemi

    The older non-hemis had a stronger crankcase. Just puttin that out there.
  8. TheDullCarbide

    always wondered if catfish would take a fly

    Your videos got freakin amazing since I've started watching you. I don't even fish but I still enjoy watching your videos!
  9. TheDullCarbide

    New build, straight line speed attempt...

    I measured 1 extra degree Maybe this whole problem is caused by valve float and not air density? Maybe??
  10. TheDullCarbide

    Weird sound at high rpm

    Kinda sounds to me like mild detonation. Does it only do that when it's hot?
  11. TheDullCarbide

    3-1/2 hp Tecumseh
  12. TheDullCarbide

    Inline brake light switch

    I've never seen that type of switch before!:p
  13. TheDullCarbide

    Built Predator 212 - WOT RPM expectations under load?

    If you want to drive the TAV like a glorified clutch, then yes, gear down the final drive ratio. I have two problems with that though. 1: When it gets into its highest overdrive ratio, the engine revs into its powerband and then you're stuck driving that speed just like if you ran a clutch...
  14. TheDullCarbide

    Built Predator 212 - WOT RPM expectations under load?

    Your problem lies completely with the TAV2. You need to change weights and garter springs in the torque convertor to "program" it to wait to shift until higher rpms. You'll need these:
  15. TheDullCarbide

    Best Head Gasket?

    The problem is fixed now. I never officially measured the crank end play, but it shouldn't have changed since it was stock. You can "feel" and acceptable amount of play by hand so I'm not worried about it. It was caused by two problems: 1: The deck surface on the block was slightly warped...
  16. TheDullCarbide

    Intek compression release issue solved!

    Had this exact same thing happen to me on my 20HP Honda V-twin. My lash was a more reasonable 0.023" though.
  17. TheDullCarbide

    Tillotson 212 - Mikuni 22 mm or 24 mm Carb?

    I and many others always have to crack the throttle to start. The only reason you dont have to do this on a stock engine is because the governor does it for you.
  18. TheDullCarbide

    Best Head Gasket?

    I have the stock valve cover breather and a 1/4" x 3/8" hose coming out the governor hole both going to a homemade catch can. I only turn about 5500rpm max right now but when this gets sorted out I want to spin to about 6200rpm. I'm wondering if the catch can itself isn't vented enough. All it...
  19. TheDullCarbide

    Best Head Gasket?

    Now this might throw a wrench at the thread. The side cover gasket has most definitely left the building yet the head gasket is unscathed. I mean, it is perfect! Still has every little bit of Viton, squished perfectly flat, no scars or black stains on the head, deck, or gasket... I expected much...
  20. TheDullCarbide

    Where are my photo's ?

    I wonder if Hillary ever ran into this problem...