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    Comment by 'gemininut' in media 'gemini bikes'

    still is and i still own it , will never part with it
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    Girls and Mini Bikes

  3. gemininut

    ISO SST Gemini manual and shifter return spring

    posted some pics hope they came out for you
  4. gemininut

    Fresh Paint

    should have painted the handlebar grips as well if you went that far
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    Gemini SST

    what model gemini also geminis had at least three or more different tail light lenses i personally have all three all are yamaha copies and one is lucas 525 type used on british bikes minibikes had large or small lens same as early yamaha ag bikes etc larger geminis had same as ct1/at1...
  6. gemininut

    Gemini brakes?

    just my two cents worth any brake repair shop can get the old shoes rebonded had a set off a gemini bike i needed doing, think cost was about fifty dollars or try and match with another model bike as some honda but most yamaha bits interchange also what model gemini is it
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    Poor fit carb to manifold ?

    that manifold is crap the carby should seal perfectly, okay it may work but over time with heat the o/ring will shrink and eventually break down and not seal , you seem to find with those cheap chinese carbys the bottom part where the carby bolts on seems to be longer at the bottom so the...
  10. rays_gemini_db100


  11. db50 getting a tidy up

    db50 getting a tidy up

  12. db50 getting a tidy up

    db50 getting a tidy up

  13. getting ready for tidy up

    getting ready for tidy up

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    Gemini owner in new Zealand

    i know this post is old but but i havent been on this site for a long time , the land scout is the same as the gemini db100 which are very rare have seen one in the flesh, didnt have spare money to buy at the time but took a photo of it your little gemini looks like a db50 gemini which i...
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    yamaha chappy

    just adding further info to post if anyone intends to fit pewee80 engine into a chappy frame , it can be done their are a few mods to be done such as 1; carby intake needs to be modified as the pewee intake has the carby off to the left side, the intake needs the snout welded into a more...
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    yamaha chappy

    thought i would throw this out there but has anyone ever fitted a pewee 80 engine into a yamaha chappy lb80 frame, old chappy engine was shot so looked at pictures of pewee 80 engine and looks very close but not sure, any help is appreciated :confused::