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  1. joshua. c.

    railroad to a road for cars instead to hiking trail

    Recelntly avalable property to build on in some towns around the New Hampsire seacoast is getting hard to find I heard a couple of years back a town rep in Hampton talking about the very last buildable lot in Hampton that had not yet been used and what to do with it. There is a severe housing...
  2. joshua. c.

    1970s coalman mini bikes and new coalman mini bike share one detail in common.

    I forgot to mention The sprocket in the picture that I bought was an aftermarket oversized sprocket made for a coalman, it has more teeth than an origenal. An OEM origenal may be made differently.
  3. joshua. c.

    1970s coalman mini bikes and new coalman mini bike share one detail in common.

    I have one of the 1970s coalman mini bikes and ive been searching for a larger sprocket option since I don't have the origenal motorcycle like motor. I plan on using a highly modified briggs inteck 206 over head valve motor. The old sprocket this bike has would be way to small to provide the...
  4. joshua. c.

    governor explode

    The governor keeps the motor at a safe rpm, some governors do have a bit of ajustment avalable but increasing beyond this provided limit blows up the motor.
  5. joshua. c.

    governor explode

    The motor will throw a rod or blow up the flywheel with the govenor disabled unless you install a billet rod or billet flywheel. safty first!
  6. joshua. c.

    The crap you find while working on old houses

    Over the years I have worked on a few old houses mostly as a laborer for one of my frends helping him on projects for him and his frends onn off once in a blue moon. Im not a pro by any means but I have come across alot of stuff that just makes me ask why?!!! When I was insulating the basement...
  7. joshua. c.

    Mini bikes on dirt bike trails , an Interesting idea I mignt persue soon.

    Thank you for the info, your states lax rules are cool, that must be so much fun. I'm currently looking into the regulations in my home state of New Hampshire I'll update you guys with what I find out.
  8. joshua. c.


    Hear is what I did with one of these, this started life at that same bike. The Auranthetic Chargers must have sold somewhat well because they pop up every now and then. I can name many rarer brands. I have seen 3 of these in person; Mine, another gass converted one with a big block and a...
  9. joshua. c.

    Mini bikes on dirt bike trails , an Interesting idea I mignt persue soon.

    So steve73 what type of regestration did you have to get? or is that not required in your area?
  10. joshua. c.

    Mini bikes on dirt bike trails , an Interesting idea I mignt persue soon.

    I'm not sure what type of regestration is required but I do beleve its an ORV regestration. ( a regestration for off road use only) I may have some issues getting regestrations due to the bikes not having vin numbers, I may have to apply at the dmv to get vin numbers. The next hardest part will...
  11. joshua. c.

    Mini bikes on dirt bike trails , an Interesting idea I mignt persue soon.

    I was thinking recently that I have several verry capable powerful full suspention mini bikes without to many places to ride them so I was thinking I might try getting a pair or more regesterd as dirt bikes and try exploring all the local dirt bike trails. My bikes are fast with good power and...
  12. joshua. c.

    Truck load of Intek 206!

    The aftermarket parts for the Briggs Animal including the ARC racing billet rod and ARC racing billet flywheel and aftermarket cams from dyno cams all fit perfectly in the briggs 206 I have already put one together for a project but haven't run it yet. Old briggs can be good cheep fun!
  13. joshua. c.

    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    That motor would be overkill for a go kart let alone a bike. I mean that bike would be scarry in stock form and if you modified the motor (billet rods billet flywheel and reground cam) It would be on par with a drag bike.
  14. joshua. c.

    new bonanza project.

    Its getting wormer again so im looking back into my projects. I just permenently mounted the clutch guard and im going to look at some rust issues inside the tank. I had to use a temporary hs50 plastic tank last year to get the bike running. I'll be cleaning the rust out of the tank and re...
  15. joshua. c.

    Rear wheel on jcpenny bird bike.

    With that wheel you could ditch the crappy scrub brake for a far supirior rupp drumb setup but it might take some modification to work in that frame.
  16. joshua. c.

    Rupp Roadster2 - ReMod

    so what is wrong with the old motor? is it just not running or is it smoking? missing parts? black widdow motorsports now carries the 20 over piston for the hs40 motor and dyno cams can re boar the block for you.
  17. joshua. c.

    How fast is your mini bike

    also if an entry fee is charged you can save up the money to re pave a section of worse pavement for the drag bike later. so the event without the drag bike funds the return of the drag bikes win win. considering there are no drags now anyways yourn not loosing anything buy trying this idea.
  18. joshua. c.

    How fast is your mini bike

    but again everyones fun is being held back over only 3 or 4 bikes, run the drags someware rougher for everyone else untill you find a better option.
  19. joshua. c.

    How fast is your mini bike

    The problem isnt the location, they are being to picky about the pavement. Gomas has been offerd as a location but they claimed the pavement was to rough. Its not! that place is smooth. The pavement is irrelevent to 90 percent of the participents, they could do this on dirt for all they care...
  20. joshua. c.

    Tecumseh hs50 performance upgrades???

    Is this motor staying in the blower or going on a bike? even with mods this motor still wont compare to a larger displacement blower like a 10 hp tecumseh. They are in a leage of there own but more power can be acheved. how far are you looking to go? also ! quick easy mod for a quick free gain...