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  1. mrpat

    Ruttman engine plate question

    Try this PDF. These are dimensions from the Ruttman catalog.
  2. mrpat

    Funny what a few years can do to a mini bike

    I built a Harrison mini bike from scratch for the 2019 OldMiniBikes Buildoff..... Since then, I sold my house and bought a different house. I was forced to unload quite a few minis since the new house doesn't have the garage space that the old one did. I gave a few away, sold a few, and kept a few...
  3. mrpat

    Beer thread

    I have spent lots of time and money making beer and buying the equipment to make and bottle it. Come to think of it, I spend lots of time drinking it too! IPAs are my favorite. One of my favorite beers is from a local brewery here in Michigan named "Rochester Mills Beer Co."...
  4. mrpat

    Lil Indian meets low rider and muscle bike

    I had a cox airplane with a string on it to just go around in circles. If I remember correctly it was a chrome or silver looking plane. I got bored with that so took off the string and taped the flaps in a nice position. Started her up and let her go. Never did find I never thought...
  5. mrpat

    KV-75 project. Year?

    I don't know anything about these bikes, but you might be able to figure out something using the links:
  6. mrpat

    The Taco Steens never built

    Very cool project for sure. You do fine work. I love it.
  7. mrpat

    Is this an early BONANZA??

    I find it cool that you still have that bike after all that time. The forks look like maybe from a BC1000? Maybe they cut off the rear tabs and made the rear suspension?
  8. mrpat

    Anyone perfected a way to get…

    I think we all have open minds and like new and different ideas OMG Markus, I'm crying over here at your story! I can relate. Thank you for the laugh!
  9. mrpat

    Anyone perfected a way to get…

    I took mine apart and used a nylon strap wrench. Held the eye in a vise.
  10. mrpat

    Happy Birthday Cheezy.

    Happy birthday Bill. Call me some time.
  11. mrpat

    The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

    I found these on the internet. Not my photos, but I thought I'd share them.
  12. mrpat

    What is the name of these wheels?

    I just call those Lil Indian rims
  13. mrpat

    Barn find - help a newb!

    Looks like one of these. Maybe top right.
  14. mrpat

    Trying to identify

    Here is the brake Michael.
  15. mrpat

    Trying to identify

    Arco Easy Rider. middle left picture
  16. mrpat

    Skat Kitty

    Here's one on CL. SE Michigan
  17. mrpat

    Google home screen

    usually on special days you can click on the google logo and it will take you to a page that explains what the special day is about
  18. mrpat

    Google home screen

    Here is a little write up on why it was gray yesterday.
  19. mrpat

    Tecumseh Kickstarter Help

    From the picture it sure looks like any other Tecumseh pawl return spring. Do a Google search for "tecumseh pull start pawl spring" and check it out. For a few bucks, it might be worth a try.
  20. mrpat

    Amazing condition!!

    I'm no expert, but I'll give my 2 cents for what it's worth. I was comparing these two brochures and looking at your bike. The handlebars that...