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  1. Hounddog

    Great show

    Does anyone have some pictures of the show to share? That would be great.
  2. Hounddog

    Mini Bike wheel

    I thought it might be a Honda Mini Trail wheel. But maybe its a Gemini or Maverick wheel? Anyone?
  3. Hounddog

    Mickey Bike Handlebars

    Yes there are a couple pair of new bars left. Please contact me for shipping. Thanks, HD
  4. Hounddog

    Mini Bike wheel

    I have a single minibike wheel with a drum brake included. It came with one of my purchases. It appears to be a Honda Mini Trail Z50 wheel or something. Wheel turns and brakes work. Tire is cracked. only asking $50 plus shipping. There is one on ebay for $179.
  5. Hounddog

    Unknown motor mount

    So I picked up a bunch of stuff over the weekend. In one of the boxes was this nice steel motor mount. Does anyone know what engine, bike, or kart this might be for? I was thinking maybe Mcculloch engine? The base plate mounting holes match up perfectly with standard minibike engine plate....Any...
  6. Hounddog

    E65 Anybody?

    Needs a nice motor mount....
  7. Hounddog


    I received the exact same scam for a Mickey Frame I am looking for.....
  8. Hounddog

    Mickey Bike Frame

    Hey I am looking for a Mickey Bike (Mickey Thompson) frame. I have everything else, wheels, tires, brakes, bars, clamps, engines. I just need a frame so I can use some of the parts....I have cash, bikes, parts, to buy or trade...etc...Let me know.... Thanks, HD
  9. Hounddog

    Mickey Bike Handlebars

    So I have had a couple of questions about the new bars....The current, new bars I just had made are the exact diameter and thickness of my original Mickey bars. The earlier reproductions that I had made were the exact diameter but made from a slightly thinner thickness of tubing. So yes the...
  10. Hounddog

    Keystone Deluxe

    Here is a Keystone listing....
  11. Hounddog

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Merry Christmas to all
  12. Hounddog

    What is it?

    Thank you Markus! You are a wealth of knowledge! the seller stated he took it off some old minibike.....wish he had that I no longer have a correct roller to put it on. Not sure what to do with it. Thank you again Markus. Good to hear from you also SuperFlea. Merry Christmas to all!
  13. Hounddog

    What is it?

    Well I am trying to get the date of manufacture off of the Craftsman engine badge in the picture. Thank you all for your help.
  14. Hounddog

    What is it?

    The guy I bought it from said it came off an old 1960's minibike. I am thinking early 60's. I am trying to locate a Craftsman to Lauson or Tecumseh Model and/serial number conversion guide. I had a similar looking motor on my 62' Dart Cycle....
  15. Hounddog

    What is it?

    So I just found another engine I had in a box in storage. Its an early Craftsman-Lauson-Tecumseh. I am trying to date code the engine but cannot find any reference to the Crafstsman Model#: 143.501251, and Serial#: 0231323. Does anyone know how to date this engine? It looks like my old Rupp Dart...
  16. Hounddog

    Mickey Bike Handlebars

    Just private message (PM) me through the system....Or you can leave your phone number if you would like.....Thanks
  17. Hounddog

    Aggie minibike wheels

    Do you also have the original frame, fork and bars. I would be very interested. Lets talk. Thanks, HD.
  18. Hounddog

    Free Minibike

    Free minibike, not mine, wish I was closer. Looks like it could be made into a nice rider.....
  19. Hounddog

    Mickey Bike Handlebars

    Well "Thank You" to all of you who have bought the bars, that's what makes it all possible. There are a couple pair left if anyone needs a set. Thanks again, HD
  20. Hounddog

    Taco Frijole

    Here is a Taco Frijole.....