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    Mini bike interview from my friends at GPS

    Thanks for the shout out, always enjoy doing minibike stuff with you.
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    Horstman Clutch for sale....

    PM sent
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    H50 throttle assembly kit.

    I'd like to add my name to the list to buy an assembly when you are ready.
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    Chris Rummels' 1971 Montgomery Wards 525 project

    Looks great. One of my favorite rides too.
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    Garage Sale Find

    Cool. I love old mowers. Not many left to discover.
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    How many minibikes do you have?

    currently have 11 Aggie 97 Ruttman Bonanza Trailflite 400 Cat Slingshot Cat 400TS Little blue JCPenny (Bird) Blackjack Wards 525 painted fork Wards 525 chrome fork 1977 Honda Trail 70 with 707 miles (owned for 26 years)
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    Aggie 97

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    Cat inspired by Derek

    Well done!
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    Misc Gilson Parts, Plastic Tecumseh 5hp Tank

    PM sent for jackshaft
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    FYI Throttle linkages

    I use .093 welding rod.
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    Gilson Restomod

    Nice job. Looks like it hauls too. Look on eBay for the governor arm. I got one from a H60, cheap.
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    70 Ruttman Horny Toad refurb

    That's a great look. Get an original type seat made with red sparkle vinyl. I might have to steal your concept and build one myself.
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    Thanks everyone.
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    Gilson Restomod

    the top rod extends straight out about .400, then a 90 turn. the 3.900 is from the 90 turn
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    Gilson Restomod

    upper rod is 3.900" from bend to bend (hole to hole) lower rod is 6.500"
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    Chevy color Fresh Green Lime Metallic base/clear. I matched it to the underside of the engine mounting plate after cleaning off the years of grease and dirt. Slightly greener than the original but I'm happy.
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    Pictures of my Slingshot. Still need fenders, peg covers, decals and probably a new seat, but a crusty original is better than nothing. The engine is original to the bike.
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    525 project

    Finished for now. Will add fenders in the future. Decided to go with a larger seat. It rides like a Caddy and will pull the front wheel at will.