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  1. JonnyReb

    Playing in the mud today

    Does sound like an awesome time and I love that honda 185, what a treasure.
  2. JonnyReb

    Its fast becoming time again.

    Yup , getting time for my own build off but not till the misery of winter hits. Till then i'm gonna ride. :scooter:
  3. JonnyReb

    5 Harbor Freight Tools Worth Buying

    Cool thread and i love discussing HF tools :) Most of them are serviceable but as all know, some are junk. I used to buy more tools through HF..during the 08-10' period when the economy was down, my tool requirements as a plumber typically require quality efficient tools as made by name...
  4. JonnyReb

    Coleman CT200u

    Not a bad thought TAA. Those Baja forks might work, that idea is worth checking further into. I'd been considering just taking mine into a local weld shop and have them add a few inches height and width to the stock bars. The grips are always hitting my knees in tight turns. There is some...
  5. JonnyReb

    Yet another Coleman CT200U owner

    Welcome to the forum NaturalFork, sure is a sweet bike for an inexpensive clone isn't it? I'm glad more folks are buying the CT200, when i got mine last year i could only find a few posts about them, more are showing up now and its good to read of others experiences with their little ride. I...
  6. JonnyReb

    New Coleman CT200u owner, looking for mod advice.

    I never did a thing to mine, have been running the stock plug for right at a year now. It starts fine all the wy down to 10 degrees or so (last winter) and seems to keep up with governed rpm's no problem. I think the only noticable difference i've seen is when i run regular gas as opposed to non...
  7. JonnyReb

    New Coleman CT200u owner, looking for mod advice.

    Welcome TripleAA, cool bike huh? Just got back a bit ago from a spin on my coleman 200 and i've got to say its a heck of bike, even bone stock. I want to do some mods too eventually but not sure if i need to, everyone who jumped on it (they were forewarned!) did a wheelie and busted at some...
  8. JonnyReb

    Bonanza Tractor for sale - For the minibike guy who has everything!!

    Thats AWESOME! Would buy one like that in a heartbeat if it was local. Love that unused cigarette lighter. :smile:
  9. JonnyReb

    Intro and pics of my version of a "hot rod" mini

    No matter how long its been, love those bars!
  10. JonnyReb

    2x2 Build

    Awesome build! Can't wait for the next pics.
  11. JonnyReb

    get a coleman CT200U to climb hills

    Hey 30\40. I bought one of those ct200's used about a year ago. First thing i did with it was take off down the trails behind my house, i've done them thousands of times on the 4 wheeler and old XR200. I was more than a little surprised to find that the CT200 couldn't climb anything more than...
  12. JonnyReb

    Cold Weather Starting?

    Well Darn...thought i had something special.. :laugh:
  13. JonnyReb

    Cold Weather Starting?

    At what temps does your little mini call it quits? All the way to 7 degrees i took my CT200U with its china motor. I was very impressed with the little critter, in warm weather it starts with 3 pulls, at 7 degrees (cold as it got here) it took 7. Once it cranked it didn't quit though...
  14. JonnyReb

    Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Header

    Does look good and all i'd have done different is a slightly longer nipple off the 45' and then another 45' to set it back parallel with the frame. As a plumber i appreciate knowing that common 3\4" pipe thread matches that header. Thanks!
  15. JonnyReb

    Cop stories?

    That was just badaz, recommended watching. Put it on bluetooth to the stereo and made it almost all the way through before the wife started hollerin. So i did it again but louder. :blink: them boys wern't playin. :wink: Great thread, Great story ATK.
  16. JonnyReb

    Cop stories?

    For the 1st time in 30 years Baja... i find myself wanting to do that kinda stuff again. Have had several street legal bikes since but theres something about ...the thrill of it all :) Have found myself on pavement a few times in the last month or so since getting my mini and while i am...
  17. JonnyReb

    Cop stories?

    When i was 13 or 14 i couldn't wait for sunday mornings..i'd jump on my Yamaha MX100 (never considered it a mini but looking back i guess it was) and ride from my folks home in the country about 20 miles to the closest town, get breakfast at Hardees, gas up and then ride home taking every back...
  18. JonnyReb

    CT200U just a Big Doodlebug?

    Thats exactly what i was kinda hoping for, thanks! The steering neck on the CT is 5" long and 1.1" O.D. Not sure if that matches a DB but i'll bet it does. Fork length on the CT is 21" from axle to top of triple tree crossbrace. Would love to hear if this is a standard B forks dimension but...
  19. JonnyReb

    CT200U just a Big Doodlebug?

    I read on another thread that the brakes and basic drivetrain were same as the Baja 200. The frame looks similar to the older DB but i think its 5 or 6" longer for a 42" total wheelbase. If i'm not mistaken the DB is 36"? I'd love to add taller and beefier forks, with suspension. Would...
  20. JonnyReb

    CT200U just a Big Doodlebug?

    I think i just realized that my Coleman CT200U is nothing but a slightly bigger Doodlebug , an Baja 200\doodlebug hybrid basically. Not sure of this but as the coleman has no aftermarket following i'm trying to find parts from the many dealers in the Baja motorsports aftermarket..trying to...