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    I can't find your crab upgrade post, but I'm interested in getting one. Also, the seals are shot...

    I can't find your crab upgrade post, but I'm interested in getting one. Also, the seals are shot on my pilot jet... does your upgrade kit replace these are well?
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    WTB DB30 Pilot Jet

    WTB Stock DB30 Pilot Jet I have restored an old, abused, DB30 I pulled from the scrap yard but the pilot jet seals are shot. Does anyone have either a pair of seals or a whole pilot jet I could buy off them? This is for the old model stock Carburetor with an air/mix screw.
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    resuscitating an old DB

    Ok, gotta share this. I clocked my speed with a GPS today, I was able to average 27 mph on my street, and thats with both hills and straight aways. Thats with the stock motor and I haven't touched the governor. I've only made the tweeks found on this forum. Tomorrow I'll be changing the wheel...
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    DB30 Fuel Filter

    I've looked all over and can't find the answer to this here or in google. So, where can I find a new fuel filter for the stock DB engine, its the thingie (technical term) that screws up into the fuel tank? I've tried installing an inline filter but the distance between the tank and carb is just...
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    resuscitating an old DB

    Thankyou all for the help. This seems to be a nice little community I've stumbled across and I look forward to returning as the project grows.. this is kinda addictive :out: Anyway I ordered up the tires and a Jackshaft, and should be on my way relatively soon :scooter:
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    as they multiply

    That’ll be one nice little bike when you’re finished... leave the stripes it adds character by being unsymmetrical :thumbsup:
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    resuscitating an old DB

    Another quick question about this, are these for both front and rear? After looking around on the net I'm seeing conflicting descriptions concerning these tires. Thanks for your help
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    resuscitating an old DB

    Thanks for the quick responses and sage like advice. I've searched the forums through and considering my needs found the Kenda... but the Duro's looked like they might be a little better on the limited asphalt I'd be hitting on my way out to the trails. There's a thread on here with about ten...
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    resuscitating an old DB

    Ok, so I pulled an old DB30 out of the city scrap heap. After trolling here for a week and completely repairing, cleaning, and making suggested tweeks have gotten it to run reliably. Since I have never so much as touched a small engine it was definitely a learning experience. Now though I'm...