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  1. chipper

    Windber Mini Bike Reunion

    Sure doesn't seem like a lot of interest this year ? I sure wish it was closer !
  2. chipper

    Who’s the powell experts….

    Wheels look good to me !!
  3. chipper

    Murray Track 2 info

    Yes , Am I correct on his passing ?
  4. chipper

    Murray Track 2 info

    Yamaha PW 80 forks with custom aluminum trees that were made by a member here that I believe has since passed away .
  5. chipper

    New to mini bikes, I have some questions.

    Buy a roller from RCF !! Predator at Harbor Freight and Wala !
  6. chipper

    Its another edition of What is it ? frame , forks and seat

    Based on rear axle mounts I say Arco !
  7. chipper

    Just got a cat slingshot frame, what size is rear wheel and axel?

    Cat wheels are 6" on that bike , axle is 5/8" length as needed ! Measure axle tabs and add an inch for the nut !
  8. chipper

    Just bought it, not sure what it is

    MTD SS300
  9. chipper

    What did i buy ?

    I'll buy that although I still don't see my exact one , The rear axle bearing holders face downward on mine and I'm not seeing the flat steel braces on the front end ? Perhaps those were added ?
  10. chipper

    What did i buy ?

    It certainly resembles the old Rupp karts , I can't find a matching image of any Manco karts ? If you notice only one steering link from the steering shaft and also the braces from the front wheel area back to the frame , also the rear frame tube breaks at the bearing holders for the live axle ...
  11. chipper

    What did i buy ?

    Thanks , I am putting 15x6-6 turf tires on it as the 5" wheels and the hopped up Predator with the live axle won't cut it , lol , I am making new seats , new clutch and chain and she'll be ready to rip . Only one of my 6 grandkids are old/big enough to drive it but he'll love it !!
  12. chipper

    What did i buy ?

    Thanks brother, for $50 I stole it , it's got a live axle, a little patina but it's all there !
  13. chipper

    What did i buy ?

  14. chipper

    Vintage mystery bike

    El Tigre
  15. chipper

    Doodle bug

    David Wulf should chime in as he is the DB King
  16. chipper

    Possible bonanza?

    MTD Western Flyer SS300
  17. chipper

    My childhood mini bike- what is it?

    I kinda regret selling the one I had !
  18. chipper

    Bonanza Model and Year

    Front peg is prior to 69
  19. chipper

    Bonanza 1969 BC1300

  20. chipper

    Bonanza 1969 BC1300

    Still Available