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    Honda GX 120 in a new DB?

    I was also going to mention the throttle stop. I think that is one of the best ways to control the speed limits of a mini for younger riders. What's nice is that it applies to any size of engine, the 6.5 hp as well. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a 4 hp Honda engine. I had...
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    jackshaft install

    Sweet mini! The bobbed rear fender is my favorite thingie. Cool idea.
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    New little project to waste money on

    Mmmm, C-10 with baby moons...yummy! Yes, you can't go wrong with one if there is little to no rust. The only thing those old trucks lack is good A/C :laugh: But you can stuff just about any engine in there you like. I may do a V8 S-10 in the near future, but so many guys build them that I...
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    DoodleBastard - DoodleBug Engine Swap

    Wow, this is looking like an excellent project on my kind of budget: virtually free!! I have often thought about putting in a 200cc motor and I sometimes scour Craigslist for a wrecked bike or parts bike, but I am dreaming right now since I do not really need another motor. Heh, maybe my...
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    New Doodlebug, Predator, Paint...Equals Pit Bug

    Wow, the Pit Bug sure turned out nice! Yes, I will echo what was said--you have built a thing or two in the past. :laugh: I like mods and thanks for the photos--makes everything come alive for sure. My guess is that as you start to ride the thing you will modify it further--starting with...
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    nova coming home

    Any idea of what it will do in the 1/4 mile? It sounds healthy to be sure. Nice little ride.
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    Lets see your modded out Doodlebugs.

    There is something sexy about this bike--perhaps the 'ratness' about it? I'm not sure, but everything just works here. Nice balance.
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    Lets see your modded out Doodlebugs.

    I'm guessing the forks and wheels are from a Baja? It's an interesting combo that I didn't think would work if that's what this is. Just gives me some ideas!
  9. Honda Trail 70....I think

    Honda Trail 70....I think

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    Old DB30 vs New DB30

    To my knowledge the new ones are 100% Chinese made (unless they are now outsourcing back to us for parts...). I don't know that there is anything that is similar other than that they have two wheels, a seat, engine, etc. They are different animals by the same name. Unless someone who knows...
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    x18 rear wheel fit db30?

    The X18 has the following size wheels and tires: The front tire is a 15 inch tubeless high-performance racing tire measuring 90/65-10 while the rear tire is a 16 inch tubeless high-performance racing tire measuring 145/50-10. Those are 10 inchers on that DB? They look like 8 inch wheels, but I...
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    Please let me know if you are still selling the kit and how much it would be. I have a 97 cc...

    Please let me know if you are still selling the kit and how much it would be. I have a 97 cc engine... Thanks! Davy
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    baja warrior

    Great idea! :thumbsup:
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    The black always looks good on a DB; I also like the fenders silver--contrast is good and breaks up a field of color. Although mine is still red, I painted my fenders flat black and that combo looks pretty good too.
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    J B Kart

    Well, you certainly will with that kind of an engine. There is a reason why the motorcycles are built with the quality and engineering they have--the first and foremost reason is the amount of horsepower and torque they produce. A kart hardly falls into the same category of engineering...
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    J B Kart

    Funny, but I had the Gixxer kart in mind when I was making that post above yours. Truly insane, but not manageable--it looks like it could kill you very quickly. Have race track? , will make one! It's like building a kit car and contemplating the install of a top fuel motor. It's insane.
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    J B Kart

    Shoot, I think putting a 250 in there would be asking for trouble, so just what do you mean by "big?" Like a 600 cc engine or something?? Believe me, a 250 would be more than enough and you can still manage the exhausts and fuel easier than a 3 or 4 cyl larger engine. If you do put in a...
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    Carb change

    Wicked looking kart. Let us know how it runs when you fire it up! Would you try it with ice on the streets? :wink:
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    would max weight ruin engine?

    Exactly what oldsledz just said. Engine isn't really an issue, but the clutch can be...
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    Freak Karts, Customs, Homemades, and Oddballs

    *Ahem* It's a thread on this forum.... :mellow: