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  1. Jaybchill7

    Sears mini bike

    No I didn't buy them..My dad gave me the old frames. A person that saw them told me what it was. But I'm glad I'm on here to find out more about them. Thanks
  2. Jaybchill7

    Sears mini bike

    Sorry for duplicates. But this looks like the same as your green 1. Hit me up so you can help me put it together. Lol. Thanks
  3. Jaybchill7

    Sears mini bike

    I'm having a hard time trying to upload pics on here. That green bike looks awesome bro...i wish I had the know how to get mines to look like yours. I'm glad you told me it was a MTD..someone told me it was a Cat. Lol
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    Sears mini bike frame
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    Sears mini bike frame
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    Sears mini bike frame
  10. Jaybchill7

    Sears mini bike

    Hello all. I'm new to all this with the mini bikes. Me and my dad back in the day tried to put one together. Now that I'm all grown up I want to start on a project bike with my 4 kids. I have three many bikes this one is one of the better ones with the wheels already on it. I don't know much...