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    Ken-Bar MB-4 "Whirlwind"

    I can't see the pictures in the beginning of this thread but I have one of these and a Trail Sport. I'm not sure if there is a connection between these machines but they are both very similar and are both build here in Georgia. Cool little machines and like you said very well built.
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    Mini Baja rebuild

    I have 2 American Eskimos as well. We hope to add a Samoyed on the 20th. I was worried that when I masked off the stripes that they would not come out even but it worked out. I really needed a couple more coats of the blue base but I ran out, it was left over from another project that is like...
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    adjustnig hydro suspension

    you can use heavier oil.
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    Mini Baja rebuild

    Thanks for the comments guys. The paint is just Dupli-color you can buy at most parts stores by the quart. The clear doesn't finish real shiney so after letting it set for a few days I wet sanded with 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit sand paper and then polished.
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    Mini Baja rebuild

    Not that difficult really. I was going to sew up a new one like the old one but the left over carbin fiber vinyl I had was plenty stretchy to go ovaer the seat. I have used it on some other dirt bike seats in the past. I had to use the heat gun in a few corners to get out the wrinkles. I still...
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    Mini Baja rebuild

    I just finished a Mini Baja rebuild. This machine was left over from a few machines I bought. Out of the 3 I bought I was able to make 2 complete bikes and this was what was left. I stripped it down, painted the frame, replaced jack shaft unit with a TAV2, put on a Predator engine from Harbor...
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    TAV on Baja Warrior/Heat Testimonials?

    I just replaced a junk engine with a new Predator and added a TAV2. Using my GPS speedo I got up to 46mph. Time for the front brake. I saw a post somewhere that there was a set of Honda shoes that will work. I can't find this anywhere, can anyone help?
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    Getting a Baja Warrior up to 50?

    I just put on a predator 6.5 and a TAV2 setup and using the GPS speedo on my phone I hit 46MPH. I didn't do anything to the engine. Now I believe it is time to add my front brake setup.
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    Mini Baja front forks

    Has anyone had the front forks apart on a Baja. I was wondering if there is a way to beef up the insides so they wouldn't be so soft.
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    Not sure what it is

    I saw this on craigslist but but not sure what it is. It looks like a mini baja mixed with a Buell. Tomberlin Mini Dirt Bike
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    MB165 handle bar bracket?

    They do measure the same. The old style is just 2 seperate and the newer style is just 1.
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    looking for recoil

    I know a bunch of you have junked or blown the stock engine on your DB30 Doodle bug/dirt bug. I am looking for just a recoil pull start assembly for the stock 2.8 engine. Thanks in advance.
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    MB165 handle bar bracket?

    I have both (new and old style) in the shop. I will measure these by tomorrow for you to see if they are the same.
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    Max Torque clutch

    I'll take it. Sending PM now
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    MB165 carb issue

    I see 2 different styles 1 for the gx160 and one for the 200. Would the carb for a 200 be a little better performance wise?
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    MB165 carb issue

    Thanks, I'll check it out
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    MB165 carb issue

    Just picked up a MB165 that has ben sitting for quite a while. I pulled the carb off to clean and found it was pretty gummed up. While trying to get the float valve out the top broke off. I got the rest of it out but now need a new one. I see on Monster a new carb is $35 but does anyone know of...
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    WTB MB165 jack shaft

    They only sell the whole assembly and all I really need is the shaft and nut. They are $72 plus shipping new. I figured if I could get a good deal on a used one than I would if not I will probably just upgrade to a Promod or TAV.
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    MB165 Jack shaft issue

    I had allready looked over the parts cat and found the assembly with and without sprockets but didn't know if anyone knew if you could get the jack shaft by itself. I just spoke with them on the phone and found out that it only comes with the assembly. Looks like I might as well upgrade to a...