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  1. tmack1

    HS40 Question about converting from points to electronic ignition

    If it idles but doesn't run under throttle, it's more likely a carb issue than points. As for Electronic conversion.... they make a module that replaces the condenser with a electronic circuit that reduces current flow thru the points and makes them last for a very long time. Just a wipe...
  2. tmack1

    Speedway Red Baron clutch sticking

    As said above, the bolt on the pulley is what holds it on the crankshaft. But....... Rust may make it hard to get off. That said, there is no rubber or plastic parts on the clutch so several WD-40 and heat applications will help. The centrifugal weights are what pushes the pulley face...
  3. tmack1

    Comet Clutches

    Also, difference between the 20 and 30 is the driven pulley. MOST of the time......The 20 has the moving pulley face on the inside of the bike / jackshaft (same side of the Clutch fixed face). The 30 has the moving face on the outside (opposite side from the fixed face on the clutch),....( or...
  4. tmack1

    Help from the Rupp experts

    Item #2........ Sorry to say this but when the ramps start to wear and get more of a curve in them, the bike will start to have issues "down-shifting". What I mean is, when you slow down to take a turn or bend in the trail and then hit the throttle to come out of it and the bike did not...
  5. tmack1

    Looking for info on flywheel delete

    Flywheel delete, a bit hard with modifying ignition. Rather a bunch of custom work including having a battery to run the spark. (The flywheel on old engines creates the voltage to make the spark) Reducing flywheel weight, moderately common. Rev's faster. And if you're good with a dremel...
  6. tmack1

    Who Manufactured the Bonanza BC Series Motor

    Bronco also used a Tecumseh licensed engine made in Europe. Looks like a standard Tecumseh but the head fins are curved. You will also find the carb that looks like a regular carb is actually made by Dellorto (with changeable jets), and the ign looks like std Tecumseh points ign but is made...
  7. tmack1

    Engine shaft

    Snowblower motor. Some-what common. Stepped shaft is for the pulley setup (unusually two) on blowers..
  8. Speedway Green Horn - restored 2015-16

    Speedway Green Horn - restored 2015-16

    1972 Speedway Green Horn, restore winter/spring 2015-16. Bought at the Windber Reunion in '15.
  9. tmack1

    Anybody interested in custom intake manifolds

    Would be interested in a slant manifold for a Tecumseh 5hp to put on a motorcycle type carb (KeiHin, Mikuni), with slide and needle. That would mean three fuel circuits vs the butterfly carb's 2. A bit more efficient.
  10. tmack1

    H50 lighting coil question

    remember when buying a bulb, these engines are originally made for snow blowers and do not put out a lot of "juice". I have found the the "Phillips" 12v landscape bulbs (4 1/2") you can pickup at HomeDepot or Lowes are 11w and light up nicely. Only issue is they are single filament, not Hi/Lo...
  11. tmack1

    Windber Mini Bike Reunion 2017

    If Jeff is going to have it, I'll be there again. Haven't missed a year since 2003. Jeff was really PO'd about the guy that passed people on the wrong side of the road ... then crashed.
  12. tmack1

    OHH60 Power Sport Lighting Coil Question

    Hi Hec, I got your PM's, Sorry for slow replies. I don't get on a computer as much as I use to. First, your pict is a std non-lighted flywheel. That's is expected. Next, it shows the holes already in the block to mount the stator, which saves time. Next, the shroud backing plate is the...
  13. tmack1

    lighting coil

    Two items determine whether the flywheel will work. One, as said above is the type of shroud. The newer more square'ish shroud will fit the older style flywheel, but not visa-versa. Second and more important is the taper of the crankshaft end the flywheel fits on. The HS series engines...
  14. tmack1

    Craftsman Tecumseh opposite side PTO?

    That type of primer is just a bulb with a long tube on it that goes to the carb. It can be mounted anywhere.
  15. tmack1

    Rupp Bearing Removal

    I took my wheels down to the local Honda/Yamaha dealer, and they pulled them. It was years ago, but think I paid around $20. There is a tool (scissor hook thingy) that inserts in the hole and pulls them out.
  16. tmack1

    Got this HS 40 today no spark

    - Plug first, it's easy & cheap. - Tune up next. Condensers don't last forever. One question, in the picture with the model number plate, the kill switch connection looks almost like it might be touching sheet metal. But, it could be just the camera angel.......
  17. tmack1

    Restored Roadster on Ebay

    Glenn use to come the Windber Minibike Reunion. very nice running bikes.
  18. tmack1

    Restored Roadster on Ebay

    The lighting coil wires look odd. The plastic plug comes out the front, then it seems like they put a jumper to get it to the back. Is that right???? Brandt H (Ruppparts . com) had me take the stator output of my "69 & earlier Rupp" lighting kits straight to the back. He said no...
  19. tmack1

    Unusual Tire Wear Problem

    Like it said above, a picture would be good. The old saying, " A picture is worth a thousand words". the same wear pattern on all the tires, at approx the same spot.....??? Do you put in a new inner tube when you put on a new tire? How does the bead look on the wheel rim?? Is the axle...
  20. tmack1

    Hs50 slant oil level

    spec is 21 oz dry. On oil changes, I only had to put in 18 oz in my Roadster till it hit the full line on the dip stick. Ruppparts dot com has dip sticks. ($15.99 + S&H)