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  1. rangerider_45

    1960 Baldwin "Trail-Cycle"

    Cold?? Yeppers, it's a lil' cold here. Wish I was somewhere warmer LOL....
  2. rangerider_45

    DIY Pipe Bender

    Bender Yeppers, made me turn green with envy. Good work...
  3. rangerider_45

    1960 Baldwin "Trail-Cycle"

    Well, got the Trail Cycle running. Climbs mountains like a tick on a cows face. Amazing traction and it doesn't tear up the trail spinning out. All I need now is to take it apart again to sand-blast and paint it. How do you like the easy rider rifle scabbard LOL Anyway, thanks for the...
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  6. rangerider_45

    Pullers for collars & bearings

    In this case rust & grime were a big issue. There's no way to know for sure, but my guess is the rust & crap had been on there since 1960. By applying the Loctite, waiting 20 minutes and then a couple more applications to flush the dirt & rust away from the collar I was able to loosen it...
  7. rangerider_45

    Pullers for collars & bearings

    Well, all I can say is I owe ya'll a beer. The new Loctite Penetrating oil took care of the rust. Just look at the red/brown crap in the photo. Learning that it was an eccentic collar and how to move them; and removing a little paint got it off...
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  9. rangerider_45

    Pullers for collars & bearings

    I'll get some better penetrating oil. I live in a remote area and will have to go to town (far away) damn it. I think I can borrow the puller from my neighbor. About the eccentric collar. Does it matter which way I try to drive it with the punch? Left or right? Thanks for the...
  10. rangerider_45

    Pullers for collars & bearings

    I need to remove collars & bearings from the jack shafts on a Baldwin Trail-Cycle. One bearing pylon is bent and I think the bearing is shot, but I haven't been able to figure out how to remove the collars etc. I did loosen the set screws on the collars soaked with WD-40, etc. Anyone have a...
  11. 1960s Trail-Cycle magazine ad

    1960s Trail-Cycle magazine ad

  12. 1960s Trail-Cycle Newspaper ad

    1960s Trail-Cycle Newspaper ad

  13. Pg #2 -1961 Trail-Cycle Parts/Price List

    Pg #2 -1961 Trail-Cycle Parts/Price List

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    1962 Trail-Cycle Parts/Price List
  15. Pg #1 - 1961 Trail-Cycle Parts/Price List

    Pg #1 - 1961 Trail-Cycle Parts/Price List

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    1960 Baldwin "Trail Cycle" Mfg in Twin Falls, Idaho
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