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  1. bigrob

    any z50r engine swap recommendations?

    I have done a few 90 and 125 swaps into z50's and ct70's Front fender may have clearance issues , and you may need an angled intake to fit the carb On my z50 swaps I have stretched the rear swingarm by 3" it makes it much more rideable
  2. bigrob

    Still alive and minibikeing

    Still alive and minibikeing
  3. bigrob

    Markus....I hope you are ok.

    Yes please be safe it can get nasty Just getting over Fiona from last Fri We just got power back yesterday
  4. bigrob

    RIP Docdc

    So sad to hear this Was a super nice guy , shared lots of laughs in Windber
  5. bigrob

    Unidentifiable mini bike

  6. bigrob

    Pick distance

    21 hours each way to Windber , always seem to bring a few home
  7. bigrob

    New electric minibikes

    I have already watched that video Have considered doing it to a kh100 2stroke But will remove the crankshaft and turn a straight shaft on my lathe
  8. bigrob

    New electric minibikes

    I just picked up some parts to do an electric build 1800watt 48v brushless motor and controls 1000watt 36v conv motor and controls I am not sure what frame I will use , but considering a honda ct70 for the size and I have a few spares or I may bend up my own frame Have been watching a lot of...
  9. bigrob

    Canadian roll call?

    Hey , welcome to the site I'm on the east coast and have a few bikes lol
  10. bigrob


    Have a great birthday my southern friend!
  11. bigrob

    W I N D B E R 2020 Mini bike Reunion Official Thread...

    Hey all , I wasnt trying to stir up trouble I had just had a text from a Windber friend , whom had been talkining to another long term Windber friend (early days) and passed it along I as much as everyone else hopes it still is good to go Rob
  12. bigrob

    W I N D B E R 2020 Mini bike Reunion Official Thread...

    I heard an unfortunate rumor that Jeff may have cancelled the reunion for 2020 Can anyone confirm or squash this
  13. bigrob

    Happy Birthday Phil 1958

    Have an awesome day!
  14. bigrob

    W I N D B E R 2020 Mini bike Reunion Official Thread...

    I'm sorry to say that our group will not be attending this year It has been a tough year for some of us , then the pandemic So we will miss you all , but hope to see you next year Rob and gang
  15. bigrob

    centrifugal clutch on jackshaft

    That was my thought too , but you could technically push start it if you got it going fast enough lol
  16. bigrob

    where you from ?

    The frozen tundra of Nova Scotia
  17. bigrob

    RCF Micro #2

    Karen works fast !! Bahahaha
  18. bigrob

    Am guessing this is a DB 30 chassis from around 2000 or so ??

    You would be correct Fender mounts , kickstand (righthand side) seat , hoop infront of rear wheel , are all distinct to the early dirtbugs
  19. bigrob

    What up ?

    Good to hear from you Tom Merry Christmas to all my OldMiniBikes family
  20. bigrob

    a few more too good to be true ebay listins?

    I gambled on a cheap plasma cutter, under $100 for a $400 machine It gave me tracking number to check and it appeared to have been shipped However the tracking number was for a legitimate pakage beloning to someone else and was eventualy shown as delivered I contacted ebay and was given a...