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  1. sonerenos

    Rupp Dart Cycle parts

    i used the front fender brackets black widow sells for the front and rear since its all 7/8" tubing. the clutch cover bracket pops up ever so often. i think @Hent had them available for some time, or maybe black widow for that too. look up donald axe on facebook within the kart groups, he can...
  2. sonerenos


    way too expensive.
  3. sonerenos

    All things Palmini

    the bolt pattern is the same as almost all the go kart motor mounts, which is the same as Briggs and Tecumseh flat-head engines.
  4. sonerenos

    All things Palmini

    I have one of these. I actually just took it all apart a couple weeks ago. I plan to clean the palmini parts up and put it back together with new bearings.
  5. sonerenos

    Need more room….

    I could use all those parts for mine. forks and all. Maybe we can work something out. Still have my phone number?
  6. sonerenos

    WTB Racing Kart Exhaust for Clinton Panter A400

    I have more than the one. $115.00 shipped PM for paypal info
  7. sonerenos

    WTB Racing Kart Exhaust for Clinton Panter A400

    Clinton E65 and Power Products AH58 have the same bolt pattern for the exhaust flange. They dont come around often, and when they do they exceed my price range. I do happen to have a nice reproduction Clinton A400,A490,A500 series Azusa megaphone header I am willing to let go of.
  8. sonerenos

    Ricein west bend 820 rail road tie chop saw conversion

    i would gladly buy this from you and leave it as a saw. plenty of westbend 820 kart engines available.
  9. sonerenos

    Old bonanza

    @markus has more valuable information than anyone else ive seen on this site. I 102% agree this bike is a early lightning bolt bike and a worthy one at that. although the hobbiest on this site are not willing to pay the sellers asking price, most of you (including myself) would ask the same...
  10. sonerenos

    FS- Bonanza BC1500SH

    you have such an awesome collection. i wish i could claim this one, but its not in my budget. good luck with the sale, thanks for the reference photos.
  11. sonerenos

    What did i buy ?

    yes, flat steel front axle braces were an add on from the owner to ensure when crashed, the front axle remained straight to ensure more fun days to come.
  12. sonerenos

    What did i buy ?

    I was wrong, its a CLARK CYCLOPS kart.
  13. sonerenos

    What did i buy ?

    Manco yard kart I believe they bought out all the Rupp left over parts. Subtle differences between the two. Great purchase!
  14. sonerenos

    Oregon/Washington based 2024 mini events

    I'm in Florence. @kc57 is in Eugene. @superflea isn't too far off the beaten path. We could get an annual gathering here at my house where we have a small loop to ride on the 15 acres. something beats nothing!
  15. sonerenos

    Oregon/Washington based 2024 mini events

    i would too like to be in the loop. I usually attend the california events since PNW has nothing to offer. maybe we change that and get something started. it doesnt take more than a few people to show up.
  16. sonerenos

    Trail Horse Rims

    great work
  17. sonerenos


    sold all mine to Lee, give him a shout
  18. sonerenos

    Air cleaner/filter-Chrysler West Bend 820

    often times found on rokons. most other 820 applications ditched that bulky filter.
  19. sonerenos

    Air cleaner/filter-Chrysler West Bend 820

    I'm certain you saw the recent ebay sales on these within the last month or so? Pure insanity. Hope you find what a honey hole.
  20. sonerenos

    Taco question