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  1. Kenny1

    Header thread:

    Used a stock flange and made the pipe out of the bends from an old exercise bike.
  2. Kenny1

    What is this wheel?

    Looks like what was on a Sears kart from way back.
  3. Kenny1

    What kind of clutch is this?

    More or less a basic clutch. Not a 2 speed.
  4. Kenny1

    new project from my cuz - what is it?

    Yeah....Bird Engineering made Foremost.
  5. Kenny1

    new project from my cuz - what is it?

    Golden Pinto? It's a Bird for sure.
  6. Kenny1

    Vintage Bird Mini Bike

    Was that listed on Craigslist? Maybe I wasn't paying attention because if it was I totally missed it. Great looking bike! And a Westbend to boot!
  7. Kenny1

    what next

    There is also a jackshaft plate kit on OldMiniBikes Warehouse. On the same page are a few different length shafts to chose from. If your going to put a 4hp engine on it you might want to put a 13 tooth sprocket on the clutch side of the jackshaft and a 10 tooth on the other. This will improve the...
  8. Kenny1

    What is this?

    Nope....only on the exhaust valve.
  9. Kenny1

    What is this?

    Looks like a lash cap for the exhaust valve. Goes on the tip of the exhaust valve where the rocker arm is.
  10. Kenny1

    It's a Fox, but which one?

    Man I was about to buy that bike just so the craigs ads would stop. Lol. But really its a good looking bike :thumbsup:
  11. Kenny1

    Do you know what I have?

    Alexander Reynolds Easy Rider? ALEXANDER-RENOLDS
  12. Kenny1

    Not sure what you guys call it?

    Forks could be Azusa? :shrug:
  13. Kenny1

    Xtreme Chain

    The RLV chains are really nice quality. I use them on most of my bikes because I like to use clutch brakes. And as you know....if the chain breaks you gots no brakes. They look good too. :thumbsup: Well worth the extra cost if you can swing it.
  14. Kenny1

    What do you do for a living?

    Parts manager at a V-Dub dealership.
  15. Kenny1

    clarify 5.5 160 vs 6.5 296 interchangeable parts

    If your not willing to help the guy you should just pass over the post. He wasn't asking you directly.
  16. Kenny1

    Cherry Gripps

    I'm if for a couple when they are available. The pull start handles that is. Please let me know when you have some. I'd like to get some for friends also. Oh and a couple more to put on a shelf. HaHa!
  17. Kenny1

    Be careful with them big motors out there guys..

    Wow! I know lots of tricks for truing high speed forks but wouldn't even know where to start on those. That had to sting!
  18. Kenny1

    Cherry Gripps

    Do you also sell the starter handles? I'd be interested in buying a couple.
  19. Kenny1

    Just a Simple Build

    Very nice :thumbsup:
  20. Kenny1

    Rat Rod Minibike scratch build

    Can't wait to see what you come up with. That ACN is a good looking engine.