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  1. x-90 rider

    Harley x-90

    If you have a weak spark or no spark, try filing the points and check the gap. Also make sure that the tail light bulb is still good.
  2. x-90 rider

    Harley x-90

    Ebay usually has all of the parts. The Z-90 parts are also the same.
  3. x-90 rider

    High priced Harley at Florida vintage car dealer—

    A correct restored X-90 usually sells for $4500 - $8500. It all depends on location and market demand. Do your homework because there are a lot of hacks trying to sell misconfigured bikes.
  4. x-90 rider

    x 90

    This should have all of the information needed for your bike. Good Luck and post up if you have any questions.
  5. x-90 rider

    Any of the cool cats from 2008-2011 still active?

    I still check in every day.
  6. x-90 rider


    Excellent work and plates aluminum too.
  7. x-90 rider

    BLATA mini bike

  8. x-90 rider

    Allegedly Rupp Parts

    Those are claws for snowmobile tracks. They were replaced by the studs that we use today.
  9. x-90 rider

    What is the name of these wheels?

    This is the new upgraded version of the old Ruttman wheel.
  10. x-90 rider

    Harley Z90 heaf

    Here is the repair manual.
  11. x-90 rider

    Windber Mini bike reunion 2022.

    We are ready to go.
  12. x-90 rider

    Any interest in a mini bike roundup in Northern Michigan?

    We are interested depending on work schedules.
  13. x-90 rider

    Monkey sidecar kit

    I will have to check them out as soon as I can travel to Jakarta again.
  14. x-90 rider

    Needing recommendations on chrome plating

    I have had great work come back from Custom Chrome Plating in Grafton, Ohio. They also do aluminum parts.
  15. x-90 rider


    Time to switch over to skis and a studded track.
  16. x-90 rider

    1974 X-90 Aermacchi Restoration
  17. x-90 rider

    AMF Harley Davidson MC-65 parts

    There are only a few similar parts. Frames are different. No compatable engine parts. Gas and oil must be mixed for the Shortster while the X-90 is oil injected.