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    HPE Muskin Cat minibike factory and tooling.

    The 400X came with a Sebac 12” shock
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    Older pics. Miss the Alsport and winter fun.
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    HPE Muskin Cat minibike factory and tooling.

    Your cat 400X is a 1970 model similar to mine. I haven’t seen a completely deciphered serial number yet on these cat bikes, but it is known that the first one or two numbers in the sequence designates the year.
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    Cat Chain Guard

    I’d be interested in a shirt!
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    FIBERGLASS Cat Chainguard & FIBERGLASS Switch Plate

    What size fiberglass chainguard are you looking for? I have the long one I’ll never use…… I think it can actually be trimmed down to a smaller size.
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    What did you buy in 2023

    Not much for me, just an HS50 snowblower engine a 4.00-6 tire that I’ve been looking for. I spent too much money on other items for this house, so it cut down on my hobby purchases this year.
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    Cat Dominator Fenders

    Steel with chrome, not sure on the gauge
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    If you could make any vintage mini frame, what would it be?

    Recreating some of the bigger CAT bikes would be cool. Hustler/Duster Chopper Eliminator Dominator R4003 R4005 Endura Duster MX 400TS 400X
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    Cat eliminator

    Very nice score :scooter:
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    Your first mini bike and it’s good stories

    JCPenneys Duster Chopper sometime in the 1980’s, when I was middle school age. Got it free from the neighbor. No seat and no throttle control. Built myself a seat and ran around with no throttle control. I had to choke it out to stop every time I rode it. Got in some crashes with it because I...
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    What is it?

    Looks like a TS50 to me
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    What Is This Frame?

    Looks Speedway to me
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    What is this?

    I’ll take a guess. Cat frame, trail tamer fork and a Duster front wheel.
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    Please Identify

    X2 looks like Manco Dingo
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    What mini chopper is this

    Looks like a bonanza chopper to me, only with the wrong forks, but I could be wrong
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    Best drill bit for drilling into Tecumseh throttle?

    Yes, definitely interested!
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    Best drill bit for drilling into Tecumseh throttle?

    It’d be nice if I had that setup, but I have to work with what I have currently.
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    Best drill bit for drilling into Tecumseh throttle?

    I been struggling to drill through my HS50 throttle arm to create a hole for the throttle cable. I’ve tried an Irwin bit for harden steel, but it didn’t work. I’ve had other engines that were drilled out on the arm before, but it wasn’t done by me. Any suggestions on a bit that would work? I...
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    Any ideas? Not mine

    It looks like one of the Popular Mechanics bikes