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    Comment by 'landen300' in media 'Feb05_0002'

    If you want it to be taller for a larger engine, we can probably do that too, or you can just drop about 250 into a Baja Doodlebug and put an 8 or 10 hp slant cylinder engine in it with no frame mods.
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    Comment by 'landen300' in media 'Feb05_0004'

    Dude, when that is lengthened, it is gonna be so prime.
  3. Fit into place

    Fit into place

    I had to make new slots for the engine before setting it in place. I also had to modify/fab some things on the edger engine to make the throttle minibike friendly. After rigging up the stock kill switch to the new engine and adjusting the chain, I took it for a ride, and all I can say is...
  4. After grinding

    After grinding

    I tried to grind it as smooth as possible so the engine would bolt up nice.
  5. Before grinding

    Before grinding

    The small weld bead before grinding flush.
  6. Tacked in place

    Tacked in place

    I used a magnetic fixture to hold the piece and tacked it on. The main structural weld was from the bottom due to the topside needing to be ground flat. The top I pushed a single bead to maximize penetration and reduce grinding.
  7. Starting the modification

    Starting the modification

    I cleaned the paint off the top and bottom of the mounting plate and beveled the edge so I could weld a piece on.
  8. Doodlebug replacement engine

    Doodlebug replacement engine

    I had this 4 hp Tecumseh and a brand new clutch that I decided to install in the meantime. It has a goofy crankshaft so I had to add width to the mounting plate and make new adjustment slots.
  9. Doodlebug


    I just picked up a repro Doodlebug. Just as I suspected, the Chinese engine ran like crap, and I could not tune it out.