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  1. keystone kid

    WANTED 1970 Gemini sst50 parts and information.

    Hi I just picked up a 1970 Gemini sst50 project. Looking for handle bars, gas cap and tank badges,spring for kick start,kickstand spring, side cover bolts, ignition with key and a few other parts . I'm looking for information on what Yamaha YG1 engine parts will work ? Places to find parts ...
  2. keystone kid

    Gemini SST 50 Parts.

    Hey do you still have the parts ? If so I'll take them !
  3. keystone kid

    keystone nylon neck bushings ?

    Does anyone know where to find some new ones ? Thanks.......The Keystone Kid !:confused:
  4. keystone kid

    keystone deluxe rear swing arm rubber ?

    I'll work on pics it looks almost like a rubber hose in the tube that the metal bushing sits in.thanks !:thumbsup:
  5. keystone kid

    keystone deluxe rear swing arm rubber ?

    Hi , in the swing arm on my keystone there is rubber that the bushing sits in. Is this some sort of hose ,it goes all the way through the tube . It's O.K. now but I am doing a full rebuild and need help on how to replace the rubber...thanks The Keystone Kid .:confused:
  6. keystone kid

    Keystone tire help

    Hey ,thanks for the help guys ! I'll post pics of the Keystone soon! :grind:
  7. keystone kid

    Keystone tire help

    Hi, I have a Keystone deluxe with the Lifan 6.5 almost ready to go . The last thing I'm having a hard time with is new tires . They are 4.10x3.50x5 ,does anyone know where I can find some cool ones at a good price ? I can use paypal . I'm looking for more rounded than sqare mower tires ...
  8. keystone kid

    keystone sprocket

    Haha ,did it work ?
  9. keystone kid

    keystone deluxe color pics ?

    Anyone have a pic of the stock purple and white Keystone deluxe ? I got mine painted flat black . I can see some purple and like it . I'm thinking of painting it the stock colors . Thanks for the help ....The Keystone Kid !:thumbsup:
  10. keystone kid

    keystone sprocket

    I have an old keystone deluxe with the clone 6.5 .What should I use for a sprocket ,clutch ,chain ? It has 6 inches added to the frame ....The Keystone kid !HELP!