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  1. Oldschoolcool

    HS50 tecumseh - change exhaust valve size?

    Would there be any advantage to using a newer HS50 cam in an older style HS50 engine since they have more lift?
  2. Oldschoolcool

    Picked this little gem up

    I made up my own throttle. I used a spring, a couple of small fender washers for each end of the spring, and a small clevis with a set screw to lock the cable in place. No govener.
  3. Oldschoolcool

    Not sure what this one is?

    I picked this up for $50, does anyone know what it is?
  4. Oldschoolcool

    Best belt for a generic 30 series TC?

    Im looking to upgrade my 30 series torque convertor belt to a good quality kevlar belt. I am a bit confused on the correct part #. Also, any info on a trusted vendor to purchase one is much appreciated. Thanks! Denny
  5. Oldschoolcool

    1991 3.5 hp B&S with Tec carb

    Sprocket86, Did you have any issues with the 691922 B&S intake fitting up to the engine? I thought there were issues with the mounting hole spacing?
  6. Oldschoolcool

    Briggs off Craftsman Snowblower ID

    These engines are rated 148cc according to engine specs I downloaded from the Briggs and Stratton website.
  7. Oldschoolcool

    Briggs off Craftsman Snowblower ID

    I have one on my baja project
  8. Oldschoolcool

    Coleman CT200U Tire Size
  9. Oldschoolcool

    ARC bearing inserts for the Tecumseh 36974K billet rod?

    Wait.....what? an ohv motorsports Tecumseh cam will fit an HS50 engine also?
  10. Oldschoolcool

    New Coleman CT200u owner

    4 Hole Mini Bike Sprocket -
  11. Oldschoolcool


    You would need to change the crankshaft. All of the minibike accessories I have encountered require a 3/4" keyed straight shaft.
  12. Oldschoolcool

    HSSK50 exhaust flange??

    I have the offset exhaust flange on my B and C series HS50 as well. I ordered the correct exhaust gasket off of ebay. The header that I ordered from OldMiniBikes has the offset bolt pattern flange also. I would think that header would work on the HSSK50 too.
  13. Oldschoolcool

    Ultimate which spark plug thread

    Sark, the RJ19LM is the next step hotter plug from the RJ17LM.
  14. Oldschoolcool

    Picked this little gem up

    Its a nice 148cc Briggs flathead from a snowblower, model 09a413 0202 e1. Just working out how im going to hook up my throttle. Suggestions welcome. Also, I am substituting a Champion J8C wich seems to be working very well. Is this plug ok to run with this engine? Thanks! Denny
  15. Oldschoolcool

    5.5hp ohh crankshaft question.

    Will a 5.5hp ohh crankshaft work in a 70's HS50?:shrug: Thanks!
  16. Oldschoolcool

    5hp Briggs with TC, any fit issues?

    Looking forward to pic's of your bike's tc set-up Alaskanrocket!
  17. Oldschoolcool

    5hp Briggs with TC, any fit issues?

    Alaskanrocket, that extra shaft is the end of the cam, used for power to drive wheels on a snoblower, or whatever. I will be replacing the cam with a reguler stock cam and side cover with only a thru hole for the crank. Also the new side cover will have the 4 bolt mounting pattern for the tc.
  18. Oldschoolcool

    5hp Briggs with TC, any fit issues?

    lol6 I will be using it on a Baja Warrior as well. The tank is flush with the side cover. I will be adding a stock cam and sidecover with mounting holes. I also am going to order a new tank. The old one is shot, gas sat in there for years and turned to rock hard varnish, the little reservoir for...
  19. Oldschoolcool

    5hp Briggs with TC, any fit issues?

    Are there any issues with mounting a torque convertor and interference with the rear mounted Briggs gas tank? Thanks!
  20. Oldschoolcool

    B&S engine id help

    Thanks OND, you rock!!!