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  1. trailramdan

    Killswitch wiring

    Going to test the wiring coming out of my motor for the headlights. I have 3 wires coming out of that harness I’m hoping one of them will kill the motor
  2. trailramdan

    Killswitch wiring

    Points i believe
  3. trailramdan

    Killswitch wiring

    It’s been ages, but I have an old school single wire killswitch I want to wire in. It’s a vintage bike with a tecumseh. I think my trail ram(it’s in storage) has the same switch and it’s hooked into the headlight bucket wiring? Can I slice into a wire in there? Any help or tips/pics would be great
  4. trailramdan

    Honda with lighting coil

    Are there any of these around or if I took a gs 190 could I make it lighted
  5. trailramdan

    Scooping this up

    7 horse Tecumseh that I do have ! They are brutes
  6. trailramdan

    Scooping this up

    I don’t want to do nothing to it just get it riding again. Was going to try and spruce up the paint with some sauce is all
  7. trailramdan

    Scooping this up

    Been looking for a green survivor trail ram for a bit. This should fit the bill. It comes with all the parts needed to get it ripping again.
  8. trailramdan

    Saving old paint

    Here she is
  9. trailramdan

    Saving old paint

    Don’t think applying some patina sauce etc would affect your bends and dents lol
  10. trailramdan

    Saving old paint

    Let’s see some pictures of before and afters! What did you use to save it he original paint on your bikes . Hopefully some crusty ones to give me some inspiration and hope
  11. trailramdan

    Honda GS 190

    I’m in Iowa and I’m looking for a Honda motor
  12. trailramdan

    Green trail ram

    I am looking for an original paint green pacesetter trail ram .
  13. trailramdan

    Trail ram and trail buck

    I can send pics and post pics later but I have a nice rider trail ram. It’s been painted the fenders and tank and flamed out.. the buck is a project that’s 80 percent done. All powder coated. It rolls I have the motor with lighting coil. Needs belt chain and clutch . I’m in Iowa and would like...
  14. trailramdan

    Saw this for sale locally...trying to figure out what it is

    I have been thinking about selling my ram and my buck together
  15. trailramdan

    Trail buck revival

    Thank you
  16. trailramdan


    Just flat out crazy
  17. trailramdan

    Trail buck revival

  18. trailramdan

    Trail buck revival

  19. trailramdan

    GE 4420 headlights

    Always people parting stuff out so i figured I’d ask around