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    My new project. 70 Roadster.

    Like the Rupp and the DT
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    Performance exhaust

    2 stroke expansion chamber calculator 2tExCalc
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    Help identify a frame. Doodlebug?

  4. J

    Help identify a frame. Doodlebug?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hartman Enduro Tanks
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    Can someone help me identify this motor?

    I can't remember what the TB stands for, but it's basically a H25. 2 1/2 HP, early to mid 1960s
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    x 90

    Yamaha makes a "YamaLube" for oil injection. Just make sure it says for injection. If you do bypass the injector, leave it on the bike and plug the lines. (worth more $) They are pretty good bikes, I think the X90 made about 10-11 horsepower, made by Aermacchi. Harley bought Aermacchi and won...
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    1972 rv 125 chopper

    I used to have a Suzuki RV 90. You could probably fit 3 adults on that seat lol. Fun bike
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    WTB. Small block Tecumseh oil drain plug.

    They are 1/4" NPT pipe thread, probably pick 1 up at home depot, Lowe's, ACE hardware
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    Picked up a couple old engines

    Went to an estate sale and got these 2 engines. Early 60's or late 50's Sears labeled Tecumseh H22 or H25 with Tillotson carb. Love the starter West Bend / Chrysler 580, has a tapered shaft :(
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    Shipping an engine questions

    thanks for the help guys.:scooter:
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    Shipping an engine questions

    I have a few engines that I might sell, wondering the best way to box one up? mount to wood? Double or triple cardboard? Also what shipper? Fedex, UPS, USPS? Thanks in advance.
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    RUPP brakes?

    This shows you how to reline brakes with McMaster Carr material.
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    **HELP** Briggs and Stratton 3hp wont start.

    Are the valves seating? Intake clearance .005" to .007" Exhaust clearance .007" to .009"
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    Rupp scrambler/roadster question

    Another problem is the oil level, it can't be checked properly with a Briggs. You would have to make sure it had the 20 ounces. Tecumseh uses a longer dipstick on the slanted engines, where as the Briggs don't use a dipstick
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    GEM Intake Manifold

    I would think it's a 2 stroke, with the vacuum fitting to run a fuel pump.
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    Flex pipe

    Pipe sizes are measured with the INSIDE diameter, measure the OUTSIDE of the nipple, that would be the size of flex pipe you need.
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    Can you ID this Briggs?

    Briggs & Stratton 397358 magneto should work
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    VM22 Mikuni

    It has 2 floats connected together? They don't have a wire, they just ride on the needle. If overflowing, I suspect dirt, or damage to the needle/seat.
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    Old go kart , Mcculloch 2 stroke

    Pretty good engine, I would get it running and sell the engine. Then the frame