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    gasser tractor

    Damn.:doah: Mine is slow and only does tractor stuff ,,,,but I bet my quads could take it.:laugh: Hey Steve !!! :thumbsup:
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    H35 Rebuild Log

    Looking good Jackeo,,,, what you could do is run the stock side pooper muffler and cap the front, drill two holes on the back of it and weld on two baloney cut pipes , ( top shorter than the bottom). It looks pretty good and sounds great. I did this to one bike but don't have a pic of it and...
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    BUYER BEWARE eBay vendor wholesaleminis/50Cal/

    It's my understanding that the set screw is only used as a last resort. ( If your shaft is unthreaded) I've always drilled and tapped such shafts and ALWAYS used a bolt. As said, the Clutch looks :chinese::doah: And to think,,,, I've been giving the neighbor kids my NOS Comets! :doah: (...
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    Backyard sunsets!!

    Is front yard ok? :doah:
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    Can Anyone loan me a dollar?

    Just wondering but,,,,,You couldn't raid the seat cushions or heaven forbid mow someone's lawn or something? :doah:
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    Anyone Sell Mini Bike Christmas Cards?

    Not a card but,,,, His pajamas don't look Out of closet
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    Could be a cool old camper

    Chevy Chase called and ,,,,, ,,,,,,,:laugh: Two words,,,,,, satin black!
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    This will be interesting............

    Any bike is going to fail against a 4x4 with mounted machine gun. :out:
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    Brakes for a Super Bronc

    The stock brake was used a drum and was like this, you could separate a tav and use a longer belt . [/URL] I put a disc on a trail Bronc but it still needs work to be perfect.:doah:
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    New Idea for Ratbike Fenders

    Now I've seen it all :laugh: very cool idea. Now what about drum brakes. :doah:
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    This will be interesting............

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    over spray paint on tires

    Love the for sale adds with fresh overspray on the ground and painted tires, rust, and grease. :doah: Still, clones in a classic are far more hideous.
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    Seems like no one else is going to do it.

    As for machine guns, I can own one but think it's a waste of ammo. How many people who own a ligal machine gun has committed a crime? HHHHMMM? Yeah start counting! Less than the fingers on one hand. What Is insulting is having to pay a stamp tax for a muffler! :out: now that is an old law that...
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    Seems like no one else is going to do it.

    That is TOTAL BS! :out: Nancy Pelosi and her clan Try sneak a gun ban hidden in every bill. Oboma tried to go over congress and make an executive order to make gun restrictions. ( like a dictator) THESE ARE FACTS. The last assault weapons ban brutally failed and did nothing. There is less...
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    Should have never brought them back, what a bone head move!.:out: And how can you have a patented " cure" when it's not proven? ( pending maybe ? :laugh: )
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    Yes, you saw what rats do when it's over populated. Out of closet :surrender:
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    Took a tumble

    Should we call your mommy? :girl: :laugh:
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    Seems like no one else is going to do it.

    You can't see the happy switch in the picture so odds are 1.000 to 1 it's a semi auto. Liberals always assume.:doah: A trained child is less likely to play with and point guns when they aren't suppossed to . :thumbsup: As for trained army's,,, they " can" turn on you as proven through...
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    Because it's still experimental and could backfire?
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    Have vt-7 super bronc engine question

    It's worth the time and easy fix.