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    Comment by 'minibike_mayhem' in media 'Cat mini bike minibike 5HP'

    It appears as though it's a doodlebug wheel and brake set up
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    1956 Mustang Pony

    I'm glad you're enjoying it if I come across another one I'll send it your way
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    Rupp disc brake caliper

    I have an old rupp caliper if anyone needs it let me know I've been told it goes to the tt500 I'm asking $100 obo send me a phone number and I'll send pics of what I have thanks I'm in tehachapi California
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    Sears Roper- nice shape but needs work

    Take it apart stuff in a big box I'm not interested in the engine UPS,FEDEX, USPS, Greyhound etc etc take box in to any of said locations they weigh it give quote I send you money you ship on my dime
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    Sears Roper- nice shape but needs work

    How much to ship to 93561
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    Wanted throttle cable rack for a Powell throttle.

    Old guy gave me my throttle and cables one day after finding out I play with minibikes I couldn't believe it was for a Powell
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    Thinning the heard

    I'm digging the fox if you consider shipping it my zip code is 93561 let me know
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    check this out!!!!!!!!

    The yellow one is s brand new monster moto painted yellow WTF the rupp is beautiful
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    Fox Thunderbolt Dynamark for sale

    I'm in California and would give$200 for it we would have to figure out shipping 93561 is my zip code
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    1960s Cat chopper

    Wow respect the classics man
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    Fox parts

    May I see pictures of the fenders I might be interested in them what fox did they come off
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    Shocks please

    Wow Markus you always seem to amaze me I ended up getting a different pair but wish they looked as good as those
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    Shocks please

    In need of cat me minibike seat shocks would prefer good condition
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    Rupp parts

    In search of a tav cover and a seat for a scrambler please and thank you in advance
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    Side bar ???

    I don't see them either
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    db30 front end

    Motovox Mbx 11 are a nice replacement pair and they have suspension in the forks
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    Predator Hemi or non-Hemi

    Still rather a Honda or Briggs, I bought a brand new intek 206 last nite for $60 some pocket bike junk that I gave away, but the motor made the deal now all the raptor parts have a home
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    Let's talk flywheels

    Flywheel explosion victim here , that being said I like anything that don't explode Honda flywheels are good haven't seen one fail yet and haven't seen the arc one do anything funny haven't tried the new one yet
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    Rebuilt HS40 lighted, slanted application, longshaft Fox Rupp MTD Speedway

    Just for my knowledge if I sent you a motor how much to do all of what you have done to this motor and wow that looks incredible
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    Its different

    Thanks and believe it or not that brake works really good