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    Smashed Bonanza

    Sorry for the late update my buddy finished his bonanza a while back and put a animal on it instead. That 820 needs more parts and costs a arm and a leg to rebuild lol.
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    Bird engineering brake caliper

    As the tittle states bird caliper. Pads are no good everything else seems to be there. Brake lever included Located in CA $175 shipped ;)
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    1 bonanza front folding peg

    Im pretty sure @slywilliez tried to rip me off so be carefull everybody. Still looking!
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    Smashed Bonanza

    The smashed bonanza build It needs some work gona put a 820 on it
  5. 20210610_214924.jpg


    Smashed bonanza
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    1 bonanza front folding peg

    Just need 1 front folding peg from a early bonanza thank you! or if you want to sell the pair ill take them message with your prices please
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    the last Mac's Minibike Yard Sale...Norwalk California 1-19-2019

    Macfest is here heres a vid of some of the stuff his parts have helped build!!!!!...Be there or be square
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    Briggs Raptor price

    Its a lil expensive. on a side note it does have the raptor 3 sticker on it which is priceless.
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    Another FREE giveway!!!!!

    Iwillsmokeyou 13 !!!
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    Bonanza find times (3)

    story of my life secrets here ... nice bikes
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    Taco T100 Survivor

    :stuart: very nice score
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    Bonanza scrub brake...

    :out: nevermind
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    Happy Easter

    happy Easter... everyone ride your mini bikes !!! :scooter:
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    OldMiniBikes Warehouse... Next Location?

    yup what dave said... they prob. have better weed in Michigan . that BC bud
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    snake shit? !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    4" wheel half

    post a pic of the inside half lip is it flat or does it have a curve
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    Bonanza Clutch Guard REAL

    Sold ....... Sold more
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    Bonanza Clutch Guard REAL

    trade for cat 300x or 400x top handle bars i have the bottoms. mac fest is on the 21st not the 7th its the 7th annual doh !!! founda gas tank..... $175 shipped obo if you want to give me money....
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    Bonanza Clutch Guard REAL

    Engine has been spoken for sale is pending . the guard is off to ebay ....... buyer flaked out. cant seem to read or understand my post. ruined it for everyone else and his cronies. "PM" before anyone bids on it i might give you a deal on it or not :xmas-smiley-016::evil_laughter: ...