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    Rear wheel bearings

    I'll try to pack those bearings this weekend if that will help and grab pictures, And I'm not 100% sure but I may have a front wheel axle with the tapered nuts and cups, I will have to look, I sold the wheels awhile back but thought I kept the axles???
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    Just a thought!!!

    Hopefully someone can chime in and give you some answers, It's amazing how many different bikes were manufactured, and quite a few look very close to other bikes, someone here knows it's just a matter of time before the right helpful person sees it and speaks up, good luck I wish I had some...
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    Rear wheel bearings

    I had the same problem when I pulled mine apart a couple months ago, I pulled the wheels apart outside on the tailgate of a pick up truck and the ball bearings went everywhere in the bed of the truck and I didn't round them up right away and unexpectedly sold the truck the next day and sold my...
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    Fox campus mini bike restoration for sale $1200

    Nice project for someone that's for sure, good luck to you and your sale.
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    Lord have mercy…you can’t fix stupid

    At least it's treated, like the crap he smokes
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    Rupp Roadster2 restoration

    Great job, the purple looks great along with all the other work you did, very nice...... enjoy that beauty.
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    SnowCo Farm Scat

    Nice machine, hopefully you can get some info from someone, Looks good.
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    Tecumseh motors

    Dave, 25 years at this house and the wife has never been in the basement where all my favorite minibikes ,motorcycles and motors are kept and she has blessed the doorway of my garage maybe 3-4 times in that 25 plus years with the same statement everytime (I don't even want to know) And as far...
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    Tecumseh motors

    When I decided to play with these things about 5 years ago after waiting 50 plus years to finally get a minibike I bought every old minibike frame I could find and afford and any 3-5 hp Tecumseh motors I could put my hands on, Over those years I've probably bought fixed and sold maybe 20 bikes...
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    Tecumseh motors

    GONE... motors have all been taken. good to see them get used again,
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    Tons of parts listed on The Mountain George Mini Bike Collection FB group

    Nice that your willing to take the time to try and help out another member at least if you can't advertise here you'll at least see if you have something for another member, Cool, Too bad more members on the forum couldn't do the same thing, I'm buying the next round whata ya having....
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    Gemini Seat

    pm sent
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    Rupp Go Joe on FB in PA

    Pretty sweet, Nice looking torpedo, I like it damn.......
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    Frame ???

    I'm cleaning out some stuff that's laying around and have this unidentified frame, looking to see what it might be from in case someone has use for it before it takes it's last ride to the melting pot....
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    streaker parts

    I have a streaker I picked up on a trade a while back but in reality I have no time to get involved with karts at this time so it has to goooooooo, here's a couple pics when I picked it up, I can take a couple better pics of of anything someone can use if needed, pedals, brake calipers...
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    Hard to describe FREAK bike

    When the thought of being President went to hell He thought to himself maybe a fafafafabricator ?,Just got his first raise at Mcdonalds but probably only because minimum wage went up? Anything's possible and then again somethings are just not meant to be or ride...good deal but the shipping is a...
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    Heald Super Bronc VT-812 craigslist find.

    Very nice, I picked up a copy also, definitly the ticket
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    MTD Trail Flite Gas Cap

    I ordered one we'll see if it's a good fit on the MTD tanks 4-5 days thanks again for the lead Dave
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    MTD Trail Flite Gas Cap

    I like that cap with the vent? 15.00 wonder if the size is correct??? I'm gonna grab one and I'll let weezeweiss know if it fits?
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    super bronc seat replacement

    bike looks sweet too, thanks for the reply, enjoy that beauty...