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  1. J.S.@SMS

    Sprocket swap question

    I have a 2014 baja warrior that I bought 4 1/2 years ago, new, and I've been making it more off road friendly. So far I've rebuilt the engine (The rings were installed in the wrong order), and replaced the 2:1 jackshaft and centrifugal clutch with a 30 series. I recently ordered a 72 tooth...
  2. J.S.@SMS

    Ebay two stroke power?

    Does anyone know how much power the little $60 50cc two strokes from ebay and amazon have? My uncle gave me a little, I guess you could call it a pocket bike (it would fit in my pocket) with one of these engines on it. I was thinking o putting it on a bicycle, until I realized that it had t8f...
  3. J.S.@SMS

    Project top speeds

    I was thinking we needed something like this here. This is pretty much just a thread for you to post how fast your projects go (with a bit of info). My current projects are a 2014 Baja Warrior, a Carter Bros. 2575, and a Ken Bar Streaker DD9. The Warrior has been hot rodded more than a little...
  4. J.S.@SMS

    Briggs 8hp advice

    My uncle has a briggs 8 horse that he might sell to me, but I have a few questions. Question one, is there anything I should know about these engines throttle hookups beforehand (are there remote operation throttle plates available if one isn't on the engine)? Question 2 do these have a 3/4"...
  5. J.S.@SMS

    Tecumseh Identification

    Can anyone give me a positive id on this engine? It's on a sears edger. The coil is bad and it needs a carburetor rebuild. And can anyone tell me if the bore looks ok?
  6. J.S.@SMS

    Baja replacement forks

    Does anyone know of a place that sells front forks for the Baja Warrior MB200, or a rebuild kit for them? One of mine blew an o-ring or seal, and is leaking oil a bit. If not does someone know if any dirt bike shocks would fit in place of the originals?