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  1. ZR9B

    New to me el burro

    I bought this from my brother last night.....merry Christmas to me. I have a 10 hp I would like to put on it I'd it will fit. I think I posted pics when he finished it few years back. All in all I kinda like this bike.
  2. ZR9B

    CT 70 12v wiring

    I was looking for the thread on the CT 70 12v wiring or another copy....thanks
  3. ZR9B

    what is it??

    I think I know...but what is it and does the back wheel mount seem rite?? forks look tweaked but he says no...I cant believe the handle bars are stock. Is there anything that looks out of place??? thanks
  4. ZR9B

    baja blitz carb

    A guy on a mopar site is looking for a carb for the baja blitz...a direct replacement. any help? his post... I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum or if there even is a right one, but.... Years back, I bought a new "Baja Blitz" mini bike from an auto parts store. This little...
  5. ZR9B

    5 HP briggs...fair price?

    I bought a 5 HP briggs for $50...the guy wanted $120 but took $50. Looks to be good, it was on a kart but he went predator (the $120).... Im kinda hoping it will be a good mini bike motor.
  6. ZR9B

    Fuel tank fill location

    Is there a tank that has the fill location on the right hand side instead of the center? The way it is now is a pain in the a?? to fill. I dont see any on ebay... any help would be great....thanks
  7. ZR9B

    Picked up a western auto mini

    I dont know much about it other that its kinda ugly ....the price was seems to be comfortable. I dont like the hi speed forks that must be fixed....Im sure rims are not correct...I know the motor is from an edger....should be worth getting it going...any input ,year??? thanks
  8. ZR9B

    anyone use forseti pistons

    Im rebuilding a 1975 yamaha GT80 and I keep seeing these pistons for a fair price....normally I would just go oem but the bike needs cables, kill switch, tires and a few other things so trying to keep the $$ down. my 15 year old will be doing "most" of the work and even put up $100!!! shock...
  9. ZR9B

    new old chain saw.

    out of the blue my brother stopped by and said he couldn't wait till my birthday... gave me this old saw...its a sears. I havent looked into it much but it sure looks cool.
  10. ZR9B

    Good chain?

    So I need a #35 chain for the Hustler....I dont want a flashy gold chain and the best "normal looking" that looks like its not junk that I have seen is the JBM cycle chain....any reason not to go this route? thanks
  11. ZR9B

    Honda Big Red new to me

    Just bought a 85 Honda big Red 250 ...its not pretty (spray bomb) but its all there and seems to be maniacally sound. Not sure if I will restore it or ride it like I stole it. Who else is into these things? I could use some plastic peaces but they sure seem pricey...anyway Ill post pics...
  12. ZR9B

    how not to kill a spider
  13. ZR9B

    Ruttman muffler

    Looking for a muffler from a ruttman or a re-pop. thanks
  14. ZR9B

    new to me mini

    Picking this up in the am...I have been working this guy for the whole summer...I believe its a re-pop but it looks cool.
  15. ZR9B

    mini bike run from cops

    Is this one of you guys??? Video: Police chase man on minibike into Pontiac home | News - Home
  16. ZR9B

    Rupp secondary bushing help

    seems while my project( 72 rupp hustler) has been apart so long I have lost the bushing on the driven clutch...any chance anyone can measure the length... I should be able to get id and od from the shaft...or can anyone see why it may not be a good idea to make one?? something I'm missing? any...
  17. ZR9B

    Cool dirt bike clip
  18. ZR9B

    dirt bikes and cops..vid

    damn kids!!! he took it like a man when he lost tho....
  19. ZR9B

    1970 sl 100

    HONDA 1970 SL 100 No motor , I do have the pipe ,side cover and green mi title.....$300 or trade for mini bike or mini bike roller. This will clean up nice
  20. ZR9B

    stuff for sale

    I dont see a spot for non mini bike stuff for sale..I have a onan generator for there a place to post it?? if Im out of line asking on here please just delete and let me know and it wont happen again...thanks