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  1. ZR9B

    I’m looking for a mini bike engine

    66 and 72 basically...66 and west sharon to be almost exact....I know it's a drive tho
  2. ZR9B

    I’m looking for a mini bike engine

    I have a 3.5 hp tecumseh that I gave 20 bucks for. I took some parts off but I think your parts should fit...I go to kalkaska ever month or can have it. If you cant get there when I'm there I'll leave it on my back porch and grab it when you can.
  3. ZR9B

    The Best Guitarist You've (probably) Never Heard Of!

    Frank him...very good!
  4. ZR9B

    Anybody else have a obsession with engines?

    I grab them when I see them...I have about 6 that are not on a machine....about 6 that are on something. 25 is a good number tho.
  5. ZR9B

    50 Years Ago

    Very cool
  6. ZR9B

    New to me el burro

    Looks like I put some pics up side down. oops Looks like the step in the shaft on the orange motor will screw me.
  7. ZR9B

    New to me el burro

    I bought this from my brother last night.....merry Christmas to me. I have a 10 hp I would like to put on it I'd it will fit. I think I posted pics when he finished it few years back. All in all I kinda like this bike.
  8. ZR9B

    Post your cars!

  9. ZR9B

    rare 2 stroke mtd mini bike

    Those bikes are awesome. I had 1 of them as a kid. That thing was fast and rode great! I wish I could pull the trigger on that thing. Very nice!
  10. ZR9B

    Can anyone tell how old this Briggs might be.

    Those motors are so cool. I got one hell of a shock from one i garbage picked in like 1972, it was like the reel mowers one.....I never touched that part again on purpose.
  11. ZR9B

    Nice Rack!

    I looked!
  12. ZR9B

    New Spyder

    Very cool...Its always awesome when that "deal" comes along. congratulations!
  13. ZR9B

    CT 70 12v wiring

    I was looking for the thread on the CT 70 12v wiring or another copy....thanks
  14. ZR9B

    Besides mini bikes what else do you collect or are into???

    I have a few mini bikes ...six i think.. honda bid red..3 or 4 dirt bikes,,,4 quads...4 sleds...I have a 72 charger someplace in my garage under covers and some junk....old stereo equipment 4 or 5 receivers.. one is a fisher 500 tube ..some old JBL speakers.. old Klipsch speakers....few...
  15. ZR9B

    El Burro

    I always like those bikes....very cool!
  16. ZR9B

    Barn find Lil Indian

    I like it...that is a hot rod mini bike. I would think that thing would fly!!
  17. ZR9B

    Crimping lower forks

    I have been wanting to do a fork end for awhile...It seems easier than straightening them . Thanks for the reminder.
  18. ZR9B

    Suzuki 90 rv tires?

    I have a blue rv90 1972....I dont need tires and Im glad.....yikes!! not sure this is rite but its not cheep!
  19. ZR9B

    Garage found fox mini bike

    very cool find....dont sell it...when is the next time you will fall ass backwards into time capsule/minibike?....never. ...and hey the site looks good!!!
  20. ZR9B

    New old guy here...

    Awesome!!! I was given a CT 70 and bought a RV 90 15 /20 years or so back...and now I have like 6.. only the LIL Indian runs Mt Clemens / Sterling heights Guy here.