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  1. 78banana

    looking for old goodyear scooter tires

    I have a pair of those Goodyear diamond treads on my Trooper! They are well cracked and I'll likely keep riding them until they split:001_tt2:. I have seen some modern knobby replacements around. If you'll be sticking to asphalt, you could try a nice smooth aviation tire. I picked up...
  2. 78banana

    how fast can everyones mini bike go??

    I clocked my Tule Trooper with Harbor Freight 6.5hp engine at 32. It has the power to move, but will need to change gearing to make it faster. It's built for off-road trailblazing right now. I dream of dropping a Yamaha 350 twin 2 stroke from a RZ or Banshee. :drool:
  3. 78banana

    What have you bought from Harbor freight lately?

    Recently, I purchased a Tule Trooper with a new Greyhound motor installed and 2 year warranty. The previous owner instructed me to exchange for a new motor just before the warranty is up. So far, I'm happy with the deal. It runs.:scooter: Regarding my latest purchase, two rolls of...
  4. 78banana

    Biggest tires for 6" rim?

    Here is a catalog- I found this auction searching ebay (ended, but no one bid)- eBay Motors: AIRCRAFT TIRE 600-6-4PLY ONE AIR TRAC NEW (item 160322973036 end time Mar-27-09 12:08:47 PDT) I'm visiting my local airport to see...
  5. 78banana

    Biggest tires for 6" rim?

    Hey 125ccCrazy, have you considered aviation tires? I'm investigating them as a possible option. They are rounded, and the treads I've seen have ranged from smooth to 5 grooves.
  6. 78banana

    Comment by '78banana' in media 'tt'

    Nice custom add-ons!!! I like that suspended front, back seat, pegs. That Trooper's ready to tour the land! Wait, where are the lights?
  7. Spring Break

    Spring Break

    Celebrating Spring with my new ride.
  8. '60s Tule Trooper

    '60s Tule Trooper

    I just bought this Tule from a guy in Florence, OR. It now resides in the nice dry central Oregon high desert. The engine is a 6.5hp from Harbor Freight. I still have the original Briggs & Stratton, but it needs help.
  9. 78banana

    Hi! Just got a 'new' bike

    I'm having trouble posting pics. I've uploaded twice-once to Tule Trooper category and once to my member profile with no avail. :sadcrying4: Do these need to be approved before posting? :censure:
  10. 78banana

    Hi! Just got a 'new' bike

    Hello, I recently bought a Tule Trooper in good shape :clap: . The engine was replaced by one of Harbor Freight's fine Chinese engines (6.5hp) and runs great. The original engine came with it, but needs some attention. I'll get some pictures posted soon. I hope to restore, and...