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    My latest build a 1964 Rupp Dart A-Bone

    Decided to go with the iconic Gulf Racing colors.
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    Azusa 4" Wheel & Tire

    4" Azusa wheel looks to be new with a used 4.10/3.50 Cheng Shin tire with plenty of tread and no cracking. The wheel also comes with brand new bearings and a tube. $60.00 O.B.O plus shipping. Thanks
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    Azusa 4" Tri-star wheel

    I'm in the process of selling some of my minibike and go kart parts and with this in mind I have a 4" Azusa Tri-star wheel/tire that I can't find any information (availability, etc) on. Plenty of information on 5" and 6" wheels but nothing on 4". Are 4" wheels not common? I've attached a...
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    WTB: Lil Indian Aluminum Front Wheel

    Getting ready to rebuild a Lil Indian and I"ll need a front wheel. I have the rear wheel, it is a 4" wheel and I believe it's referred to as a Hands wheel (4 spoke). I'd prefer another 4" wheel but would consider a 6".
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    Is it a Lil Indian

    I bought this bike thinking it was a Lil Indian but now I'm wondering if it is. When I compare my bike to other Lil Indian's I don't see the handlebar cross brace, the fork axle mounting points are different, the fork spring looks smaller and it doesn't have a front fender brace. I do see a...
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    Looking for a Frijole

    Looking for a Frijole. Does anyone have one to sell or know someone who's looking to get rid of one? Thanks
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    Looking for a Frijole (Taco) project and/or frame

    Hello, My Taco 22 needs a stable mate. Looking for a Frijole project, prefer just the frame and forks but I'm not too picky. Thanks
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    Rupp Roadster Fuel Tank Needed

    Helping a friend, he looking for a 1972? Rupp Roadster fuel tank.
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    WTB a 6" Simplex Rear Wheel

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a Simplex 6" rear wheel assembly or just the outer wheel half. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    1962 B&S 2HP Engine

    Is it worth restoring a 62 (60102) engine? Is there any demand for this series/HP engine? Thks
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    Completed My Taco 22 Restoration

    I started the restoration with the idea I wanted to go with a West Bend 580 engine but it wasn’t long after I mounted the 580 that I realized that engine choice didn’t bring back my childhood memories of my Taco. So with this in mind I searched out a period correct B&S 3HP engine and went from...
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    Clinton E65 Intake Manifold

    Looking for an Intake Manifold for a Clinton E65 engine. If you have one or know someone who does, please let me know. Thank you, Michael
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    B&S 3HP Shroud

    I refurbished this shroud for a project I was working on but it turned out it wasn't the correct shroud for my application. Identification details are as follows: Model: 80302 Type: 0016-01 Code: 76050303 A lot of time was spent reconditioning this shroud, it was bead...
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    Briggs & Stratton 3HP Fan Shroud

    If anyone is looking for a nicely restored 3HP (1976) shroud, I've listed one on eBay (Item No. 332509662712). If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks
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    Taco Rubber Foot Peg

    Bought a set (3) of Taco rubber foot pegs and unfortunately I scuffed one up. Does anyone have one to sell? I would like it to be new or at least look new. Thanks, Michael
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    B&S 3HP Restoration

    In addition to my on going Simplex Mark II Kart restoration (see Kart Section) I've been restoring a B&S 3HP engine for my 1967 Taco 22. The engine had low hours and was in pretty good shape prior to starting the restoration. The engine was completely disassembled (short of splitting the...
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    sparks coming from throttle arm?

    Started up a B&S 3HP (80202) for the first time (for me) and I'm seeing sparks/arcing coming off the throttle arm and the governor arm, why would this be happening?
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    Taco 22 Question

    Posted this same question in the General Discussion section but didn't get much of a response, I'm hoping someone here can answer my question? "Still looking for a 80202 for my 1967 Taco 22 project. I have a nice 80202 but it doesn't have the correct date code (67) which brings me to my...
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    B&S 3HP (80202) Engine for a Taco 22

    Still looking for a 80202 for my 1967 Taco 22 project. I have a nice 80202 but it doesn't have the correct date code (67) which brings me to my question. Was it always the case the engine date matched the frame serial number date? Could a 1967 Taco 22 had a 66 80202 installed at the time of...
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    My Simplex Mark II Build

    SaltCoupe motivated me to share my current 1960 Simplex Mark II restoration project. I picked it up earlier this year and is completely stock/original. Other then a couple missing engine parts it's all there. It came with the original West Bend 580 with a Palmini intake, velocity stack and...