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  1. Fisher1983

    Generc 196cc Hemi Found this the other day...confirms the bore and stroke numbers, and advertises 8.3:1 CR instead of the usual 8.5:1. When I get into mine, I'll post my findings as to what fits in it...
  2. Fisher1983

    Covid partout...

    I see you have a 5hp Raptor crank for large bearing side cover?
  3. Fisher1983

    Generc 196cc Hemi

    Yeah I agree. I guess I won't know for sure until I get into it this fall. It appears to have the same excellent castings as the 212 Hemi. I don't support China anymore (I bought this used...) but the Loncin engines seem to be the best quality. Whatever is inside it, I can't tell the difference...
  4. Fisher1983

    Generc 196cc Hemi

    Hi, been a while since I have been on here. I got a Generac power washer this weekend with a blown pump. Engine is a 196cc Hemi, block is stamped 200F (Harbor Freight Hemi is usually 210FA.) So its obviously a Loncin, like HF, but what is the difference between the 196 and the 212? Bore...
  5. Fisher1983

    Mega Moto News

    Yup. Correct. I went to the new site, run by GoPowersports, yesterday....I was able to order a few parts for my MM-B212.
  6. Fisher1983

    Upgrading MM E -1000 electric bikes to Lithium ion batteries.

    Late to this post....this is very interesting. I paid zero attention to those electric bikes until my daughter started riding our neighbors electric quads. I want to get her a mini bike when we move this month, and this electric bike with battery mods might just hit the spot. Nice build, and...
  7. Fisher1983

    Off Road Lights?

    So.........I have a Monster Moto MM-B212 Pro with the headlight. I went to remove the headlight today to fix the crooked lens and the mounting ears disintegrated. :( I was wondering if the lighting coil would power a 55 watt halogen off road light? The stock bulb is a 35 watt BA20D base bulb...
  8. Fisher1983

    Monster Moto MM-B212 questions please

    I have a Monster Moto MM-B212. It's the most stable and comfortable bike I have ever rode. I just finished my stage 1 mods to it and it does 46mph at I'm guessing 3800 rpm. The TC limiter was already missing when I bought it. It also has oversize tires....4 ply 20x8.00-8 K500 Super Turfs at...
  9. Fisher1983

    Anyone have a mega moto 212?

    For $349, the Mega Max is a hard bike to pass up..........
  10. Fisher1983

    Anyone have a mega moto 212?

    More info, it seems that the distance between bolt holes on GX200 and Predator flanges are different. Keep that in mind, YMMV. I am redoing my header with universal 1 inch o.d. pipe and a flange from eBay. I would like to get to the point where I can build them for people on a special order...
  11. Fisher1983

    Anyone have a mega moto 212?

    Just to be clear, it turns out the Predator 212 header DOES fit....the bolt pattern is the same. The difference is, the Lifan 7.5hp has a round exhaust port, and the Predator has the D-shaped port. After playing with half a dozen flanges and pipes, the Pred headers will work, you just might need...
  12. Fisher1983

    Song Title Game

    Walk Away-The Eagles
  13. Fisher1983

    Modded the MM-80 some more, & Just couldn't part with the LIfan 152f-3 80 cc engine yet.

    Great looking bike! Always was a fan of the factory header/muffler. Does it sound good?
  14. Fisher1983

    Modded the MM-80 some more, & Just couldn't part with the LIfan 152f-3 80 cc engine yet.

    You can jet the pilot too. Mine stock was the smallest drill bit in the kit....#80. I think I went to 79 or 78, and played with the adjustable idle mixture screw in my carb until it was just right. It took forever, but I found the magic setting. Which, I cannot remember. All of those parts are...
  15. Fisher1983

    Modded the MM-80 some more, & Just couldn't part with the LIfan 152f-3 80 cc engine yet.

    Glad to see somebody giving the little Lifan a chance. I did the same thing with my Doodlebug's original 97cc engine (the flathead G100 copy.) Same jackshaft, green clutch spring. No gov. Then I had my brother mill .045" off the head, jetted the carburetor, and added an ebay header/flange. The...
  16. Fisher1983

    Stage 1 kit for lifan 212

    No....crankcase pressure comes out there. Since the stock airbox and fitting will be gone, put an automotive breather filter on it with a barb and let it vent to atmosphere. Point it up and you're good to go.
  17. Fisher1983

    oil type for honda clones (not brand )

    Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Synthetic. Use it in all of my small engines now. Keeps them super clean, quiets high tolerances, and reduces temps.
  18. Fisher1983

    Looks like Go power sports bought out Mega Moto

    I agree. I LOVE my Pro....I bought it used off of my buddy. Best bike I've owned so far.
  19. Fisher1983

    Lighting Coil Questions

    Are clone lighting coils similar? I havent pulled the flywheel to see them, but I see 2 wires coming out, going into a rectifier on my MM-B212. Will a lighting coil with rectifier charge a battery? Or, do you need an actual charging coil? My bike has only a headlight with a switch. But, I want...
  20. Fisher1983

    Stage 1 kit for lifan 212

    Yes. I believe Vibrant Performance sells the 1 inch silicone couplers...they're for turbocharger waste gate tubes.