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    The "What were they thinking!!?" Seat Thread

    Mobile mangle...missing torch to heat pressing wheel!
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    Upgrading MM E -1000 electric bikes to Lithium ion batteries.

    Very essential information and I for one am glad you took the time to explain the details so clearly. Thank you kindly 174 for bringing me up to date with the new battery technology!
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    Upgrading MM E -1000 electric bikes to Lithium ion batteries.

    You really have my interest for building an electric minibike but I am concerned about the danger of lithium cells having a melt down from the bouncing and jarring they would get with off road use. People have reported that shorts can happen up to 3 days after the damage occurs and as we have...
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    That sound brings back memories, I used to have a SL 290. Thanks for sharing!
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    How long has a belt been lasting for Chinese torque converter?

    The sides of that belt look damaged from heat but I would be concerned about the missing bits of rubber from the sides of the belt, I never saw a belt shed bits of rubber like that.
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    A gift horse....

    Rob, your slipping, what about the A/C? Gotta have A/C where you're living!!!
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    rupp restoration

    I agree with Manchester1, evaporust and wax will make the chrome look as good as it can get. If the base metal is rust pitted and you want it to look new it must be rechromed and that gets into mega bucks but the results are fantastic! There are now spray chrome finishes available that look...
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    Is my flywheel trashed?

    Please listen to Studeman !!! If that flywheel breaks you could be seriously injured or even killed if a chunk if it hits you !!!
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    Rear brake kit

    It is a Taragon aftermarket rotor that is sold as a possible replacement for the front rotor of certain Harley models. Knowing the calipers are junk...could you refer me to a direct replacement that will hold up well?
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    Rear brake kit

    Hydraulic brake kit $42.xx and a Harley Davidson front rotor $62.xx... these went on the back of a TrailBonc so now the back wheel will lock up with 2 fingers on the brake handle. Best brake job I ever thought up!
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    Rear brake kit

    Ok here's what I did with RobertC's TrailBronc. I got one of those cheap hydraulic brake kits for the rear wheels of a Quad and bored out the clamp on the master cylinder to fit the 1" handlebars. Thin lock washers between the cap and body provided some room to clamp down on the pipe after it...
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    Not a Mini Bike but really messef up motorcycle

    A broken drive chain link is bad but a broken chain link on the forks? Try to explain that to your insurance Co.!!!
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    What does it take to fry a TAV?

    TAV belts are like lead acid batteries, too much heat will shorten their life.
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    WALMART REALTREE minibike?

    I won't set foot in Walmart or give the least thought of buying anything from that place. I would suggest you buy from a place that deals in minibikes or similar items, they will be much better to work with if you need parts or service. Just my opinion from experience!
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    2020 Windber raffle bike. VT2 build

    It seems every bike you do looks better than brand spanking new!!!
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    My way to stop a Trail Bronc

    Karen that's a front disc for a Harley Davidson but I did have to drill new bolt holes to mount it on the split hub I made to hold it. ;)
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    My way to stop a Trail Bronc

    Even with the throttle wide open two fingers on the brake handle will lock up the back wheel!
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    What does it take to fry a TAV?

    Rob, your belt spends too much time slipping with the severe pulling conditions, I think you need a much bigger sprocket at the back wheel so the belt can hook up tight at very low speeds.
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    TAV clutch glazing?

    Put talc powder on the sides of the TAV belt and it will stop jerking/grabbing. It's normal for the sheaves to get glazed from the belt scuffing on them.
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    Using a gear box for a jackshaft

    Since it's only 2 mils, if it were me I would polish down the shaft with a long strip of emery cloth.