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  1. Skipp

    Sears Roper - Original engine?

    Of its like mine it’s a 5/8” shaft with spacers on it...on mine the spacer seperates the driver and the sprocket....yours appears to have a brake drum if I had to guess....and I assume the sprocket in the other side...
  2. Skipp

    Need a set of bonanza wheels

    Preferably Go Power but kidney bean will work...
  3. Skipp

    TEC H50-65286H Flywheel

    get one of these...and as a wise man once told me....just because you have good spark doesn’t mean you have good spark at the correct time...
  4. Skipp

    TEC H50-65286H Flywheel

    When you say cover you mean shroud?..,when setting the points I turn the crank...when setting the timing...(btdc) I turn the crank....I put fly wheel back on when everything else is done...then look for shroud....don’t put a set of vise grips on it just turn it by hand...if everything correct...
  5. Skipp

    TEC H50-65286H Flywheel

    You know the best thing I ever did before I tore apart a Tecumseh motor was watch a stupid you tube video....well several....and by the 5-6 video (all different people) I realized they weren’t so stupid after all...ask a few question in between just to make sense of it all...and damn if it...
  6. Skipp

    H50 flywheel key

    No pic....but the narrower end (little step) goes towards the motor....
  7. Skipp

    Rupp hs40....

    No longer available
  8. Skipp

    Hs40 pistons...

    Just a heads up....ive purchased 4 hs40 thin ring piston assemblies (35544a) two of them have been wrong....two have been the 2-5/8” as they are supposed to be...two have been 2-13/16”....which as you know Is a Hs50 merchant has taken it back but considered it my fault for not...
  9. Skipp


    Happy birthday Robert!!
  10. Skipp

    Rupp hs40....

    The primary stainless hardware fell through...but stainless head bolts
  11. Skipp

    coming soon.........

    Wish I could “like” it more than once! Awesome just awesome!
  12. Skipp

    Rupp hs40....

    Ok decided not to modify this motor but just a good piston rings valves arc billet rod governor removed....point plug condenser and coil, all Tecumseh...assembled with all stainless will come with a slanted intake (you add carb) I can supply a genuine Tecumseh hs40...
  13. Skipp

    Old Tecumseh engine oil, Synthetic or regular?

    Used to run Cam2 (110octane) in the old it’d make that thing sing!
  14. Skipp

    Early 1972 Simplex Spitfire restoration

    I have a fresh 1971 h50...cast iron block, lighted.....been on the shelf for a while....has a mikuni and straight pipe in it now....or a fresh h60 if you need either.... Pic of the was going on a suspended frame but can’t find any you’re welcome to it...
  15. Skipp

    Old Tecumseh engine oil, Synthetic or regular?

    Ethanol also swells be aware of your float needle..(rubber tipped most of them)....
  16. Skipp

    Old Tecumseh engine oil, Synthetic or regular?

    $5-8 for non ethanol gas?!? Man I was pissed up to Now paying $3.50 for it.....oh the advantages to living in a depressed state....
  17. BBABE793-FAEA-44C8-964C-E4D198678127.jpeg


  18. Skipp

    I fabricated this straight pipe. Do I need some sort of baffle?

    Harley shop sells from drag specialities, insertable’ll have to drill a small hole....they’re about 10$ each...different sizes too....
  19. Skipp

    I fabricated this straight pipe. Do I need some sort of baffle?

    Man that’s awesome nope no baffle needed
  20. Skipp

    Another what is it!