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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. Itype2slo

    Nice Phantom

    Certainly if work was not as slow as a glacier in a pandemic during a election year. I would consider. Looks super clean.
  2. Itype2slo

    The funkiest Powell I seen so far. Wow.
  3. Itype2slo

    Could this pass as carry on luggage?
  4. Itype2slo

    Renthals on a Nanza

    Not as I would have imagined.
  5. Itype2slo

    Ancient Briggs Motors

    Too bad they are too small to be any good for a bike. But I love a briggs with a kickstarter.
  6. Itype2slo

    Being Evel

    I just saw the Johnny Knoxville bio on Evel Knevel. It was actually really good. At one point when he was travelling the country doing jumps he brought with him a little person dressed like him to do smaller scale jumps on a minibike. The little guy smashed a few taco's in the parts I saw. Gonna...
  7. Itype2slo

    Cool Meyers dune buggy article

    Cool Buggy.
  8. Itype2slo

    Briggs goes BK

    saw this today.
  9. Itype2slo

    Think its flexo Saw this morning
  10. Itype2slo

    RIP Rupp Nitro

    Found this while looking for stuff. Sad. Anyone who dealt with him new he was a great guy.
  11. Itype2slo

    Lil. Pete on CL

    Pricey little machine.
  12. Itype2slo

    The Nicest One In The Country.

    So He say's. It's a beaut but the jury is still out.
  13. Itype2slo

    Cobra on CL

    Don’t see them often. That’s a nice one.
  14. Itype2slo

    What was it?
  15. Itype2slo

    Briggs Sign
  16. Itype2slo

    This is pretty cool.
  17. Itype2slo

    Powell kick stand wanted.

    Any model would do, Thanks
  18. Itype2slo

    Pretty Sick
  19. Itype2slo

    Big bonanza
  20. Itype2slo