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  1. timberwolfsc

    Top Speeed MPH

    just tried out both my Bajas.. custom with the 212= 54mph stocker heat= 47mph might be a little more in there but i was running out of room on the edge of the field...didnt wanna end up in the woods!
  2. timberwolfsc

    uhh ohh...another build..the beginning

    so i go by a buddies junk yard last week and while wandering around i find a Baja stuck between two F150s! loaded it up and brought it to the new Baja refuge located in the Dirty South. plans= stretch the frame, any info from peeps who have done it please chime in! going with the same type...
  3. timberwolfsc

    Newbie Baja Rebuild

    almost complete with a baja rebuild. 99% there. just need to order some new rubber. new 212 pred header kn and jet torque converter rebel gas tank